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Reposted from - 😍😍 @a_lallie_ ・・・ THREE BABY BEARS AND A HAMMOCK 🐻💕 . . _ This makes me smile. It’s great when people share content from my original page that I thought was gone. _ I love as they just amuse me and cheer me up. in general, whether black, brown, polar or panda love to cause trouble, play fight, get up to no good and have fun enjoying their planet. Bears are very misunderstood animals. Please respect their space and they'll respect yours. _ Caption @a_lallie_ @thealphafemale_ Credit: 3 bears gettin' wild by Mike Homes. Music: Benny Hill theme ©️ -#animalelite     

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Pallavi Laveti

The Brotherhood! The two cheetahs in this image are blood brothers. In the wild, sometimes, the male cheetah siblings continue to stay together as a coalition for life even after separating from the mother. This is crucial for their survival, not only to bring down larger prey but also to guard themselves from bigger predators. But this is different. These five are actually a coalition of coalitions between two sets of blood brothers - 3+2. Now that is the kind of math I like! #animalelite @natgeoyourshot @bbcearth @marvelouz_animals @natgeoindia @shots_of_animals @claws.n.wings @animalplanet @discovery.hd @natgeowild @africanimals @wildlife.hd @bigcatswildlife

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