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Vanessa Carina (@runessa_) Instagram Profile Photo

Vanessa Carina

Crop it like its hot🔥 ------- Shop 'Elegant V-Neck Boho Maxi Dress' link in bio ------- ⚡Discount code: Azokoe⚡ Search ID: LC611362 #americanstyle ⁠ . . .

My baby (jimmy ) He is 4 months 13 days now ❤️ Come with me to do excise on early morning 💪🏽 For the 2nd pic , he is doing yeah ✌️???? Lollll oh my god !! I love him so much !! Love my job & my life ❤️ ————————————-////// If u are looking for an professional vendor ? If u need quality hair ? Text Fay here ~ u will never be disappointed 💪🏽 💇🏾‍♀️Bundle_14 Textures in Large Stock 🙋🏾‍♀️Closure/Frontal/360 frontal stock matching 👄Wigs _ Lacefront /Full Lace / 360 Wig /U part 💄Colored hair _ bundle /closure /frontal in 613# 1B/613. Grey .1B/grey. Pink . 1B/pink. 1B/blue. 1b/purple . 1b/27. 1b/30. And others can be customized 📱Service _ 💪🏽24 hours Text & Call Available 💪🏽DropShipping Available 💪🏽Free package with Tags & Label 📦 Shipment _ stock ones could ship in 2 hours ✈️ Overnight flight to America 1-2 days ✈️ Normally flight to uk 2-4 days ✈️ Other country 3-4 days 💰Payment _ PayPal / Westunion/ Moneygram/TT #americanstyle

LAURA BOSCH/ Heasman (@poshbosch) Instagram Profile Photo


Westfield Miranda

⌚Was looking forward to this watch for so long. @tymber.gear has some incredible wooden statement pieces and it all takes my breath away. In love and obsessed with @tymber.gear . Be sure to use code poshbosch for an awesome discount. Link in my bio 😉

T Perfume (@tperfume99) Instagram Profile Photo

T Perfume

❗️Hàng thơm chiều lòng cả những nàng khó tính!!! Thanh thoát, mát mẻ rất dễ thương 👄Acqua di Gioia EDP 100ml Phiên bản thơm nổi tiếng, bán chạy nhất trên thị trường nhà Armani. Nói đến Gio thì các tín đồ iu nước hoa khỏi lo về chất lượng, một chai nước hoa cực dễ thương nên có trong BST. Hương thơm dịu mát, vô cùng nữ tính và quyến rũ dành cho phụ nữ hiện đại. 👉🏻Thiết kế bao bì mới thay đổi cho vỏ bao cũ trông thanh thoát hơn. #americanstyle

Allison | The Savvy Camel (@allisonnc.hodges) Instagram Profile Photo

Allison | The Savvy Camel

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Hi guys… it’s me, Allison. Formerly @thesavvycamel. 🤪🐪 I’m still blogging and I’m still keeping my blog name, but I wanted to transition myself on Instagram to… well… me. Life’s been a journey lately and I feel like the best way to ride that wave is to do it as raw as I can and, for me, that starts with my name. 🤷🏼‍♀️ . Speaking of the journey: I finally made it to Florida with my love and man oh mannn did I miss him! I actually felt dorky because of how much I was missing him. 😂🙈 But life is so out of the ordinary right now and Charlie is my one constant so the last 9 days away from him felt like a month! 😅 . But as antsy as I was to be with him, I had a great few days visiting home. 🤗 Tons of time with family, childhood friends and familiar places was sooo good for my soul during all of this chaos. 💕 . While I firmly believe you have to step out of your comfort zone to grow, I’m a creature of comfort. Anyone able to relate to that? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ When life is upside down, even with exciting changes ahead, it can put us in a weird headspace and have us grasping for familiarity. And I’m definitely in a weird headspace right now (just keepin’ it real). 🤷🏼‍♀️ . It’s weird because I’m not sad about moving. I’m actually really excited to move to FL and start a new adventure. 🤗 But the journey of getting here has been a little more overwhelming than I bargained for. 🥴 But you always hear that it’s about the journey, not the destination. Florida in itself will be an exciting journey. But, as challenging as it may be, I’m doing my best to look at the literal journey to get here as a chance to grow, strengthen and learn. 😅 Just in case anyone else is in a weird headspace right now, I hope you know you’re not the only one on a journey. 💕 . On a totally different topic... 😂 denim jackets are the perfect way to start easing into the summer to fall transition. I tossed mine over my shoulders and paired it with cognac sandals to add deep earth tones for late summer and bam. 💥 . Shop your screenshot of this pic on my blog or with the free app

奧樂美特 (@olimato_1568) Instagram Profile Photo


- 嘿嘿😁哎呀!這是偷偷在進行些什麼呢? 是不是讓人很好奇也很期待呢 從外觀看到大大落地窗+紅磚瓦 在市區裡竟然出現了這麼有氣質文青小館的地方😱 是不是讓人非常想踩點拍拍美美的網美照片更新版面呢 小編就先幫大家試試水溫囉🤩🤩天啊!外觀已經這麼好拍了,更讓人期待內觀囉💃🏼相機📷不停咔咋咔咋拍不停呀🤳🏻 讓我們一起好好期待吧 #Americanstyle 奧樂美特歡迎您的光臨,也期待您的光臨😽😽 📮:台中市北屯區崇德九路568號 ☎️:04-24221857(訂位專線) 🕰:am:09:00~pm:21:00 💰:有提供刷卡消費💳

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