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#AmericaFirst- Morgan Wright: The Chinese Government & Huawei have an invested strategy with AI to steal our intellectual property. And then you have the complicity of Google & Microsoft working with them on AI & wonder why we have issues working with China.

#AmericaFirst- Art Del Cueto: I know we have criminals here, but we don’t need to import more. We’re not against immigration, we’re just pro legal immigration. We need to vet these people. Would you let someone you don’t know into your home?

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we’re gonna need to see a 100 basis point drop ASAP!!!! 📉📉📉📉📉 #AmericaFirst

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They’ve been learning about at school and Wyatt has really taken that to heart. He’s been coming home daily to see what extra chores he can do without being asked so he earn his own ice cream money. Thankful to be raising children that want to earn their rewards rather than expecting or demanding them.

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