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Giulia™️ (@giuly_mchappy) Instagram Profile Photo


Is this what alien apocalypse looks like?😱 . . Double tap if you love this💚 Rate 1-10 in the comments⬇️ Follow @alienjourney51 Follow @alienjourney51 . . . . #aliens

Raphael |16| Selftaught Artist (@raphaelfrog395) Instagram Profile Photo

Raphael |16| Selftaught Artist

Meet Invincible Argon Argon is another member of Element's Race! He is also a Noble Gas, the most powerful section of Elements! Argon like other Nobel Gases don't have any special function in the race, but he is known of his wisdom! He knows everything about anything! Many Elements come to him for advices and informations. Some people may think that he is a personification of inteligence! Not many Elements know that he is hungry for power. He wants to break rules of The Reality. He makes many researches to find way to complete his plans. But everything stops in dead point when it comes to a mystery being which is above The Existence! He is not able to find any information about it. It makes him very mad. Argon is much taller that Pink Diamond. Maybe he is bookworm but by is also very muscular! He is very strong. His body is made out of many forms of elemental argon. His head looks like light bulb with purple neony wire which woks as his face. He wears a purple suit and coat. He also has a really cool hat. His bottom part of body is made out of argon gas which lights up in some places becouse of electrostatic power, but he is able to create his legs. As Nobel Gas Argon has unlimited powers! He can do anything. Like other Elements he is able to control elemental argon. Also he is able to control electricity and create plazma! But his most spectacular move is creating Black Holes! He is able to bend reality and go through solid wals! Like and leave a comment! I would really apreciate it😁 This is another Element OC to collection! I spent soo much time designing him! I hope you will enjoy it! #aliens

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Purple Pal Photos

❤Bought these sick alien socks the other day! ❤ 💛Give Credit for repost💛 💚#aliens 💚

🅺 🅾 🅽 🆂 🅿 🅸 🆁 🅰 🅲 🅸 🅾 🅽 .🆂 🅷.. (@konspiracion.shqip) Instagram Profile Photo

🅺 🅾 🅽 🆂 🅿 🅸 🆁 🅰 🅲 🅸 🅾 🅽 .🆂 🅷..

🅻 🅸 🅺 🅴 / 🅵 🅾 🅻 🅻 🅾 🆆 pєr mє shumє teori konspirante 👽🗿 ᯓ͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆༗͆ 🅺 🅾 🅽 🆂 🅿 🅸 🆁 🅰 🅲 🅸 🅾 🅽 .🆂 🅷 🆀 🅸 🅿 ᯓ͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆༗͆ 👽@konspiracion_al 🎈@konspiracion_al 👿@konspiracion_al 🎭@konspiracion_al 👁@konspiracion_al@konspiracion_al 🔱@konspiracion_al 🗿@konspiracion_al ᯓ͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆-͆༗͆ #aliens

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