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The weekend - a time to get dirty while keeping your Air Filter clean 💪💨 #AirFilter

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おはようございますー。 休みなのに朝早く起きてしまい、二度寝も微妙なのでゴロゴロしながらpost… 昨日、やっと届いた…!!.+:。 ヾ(◎´∀`◎)ノ 。:+. . . BLITZ エアクリ + アクセサリーパーツ(笑) . 吸気音も、レスポンスUPも、楽しみ!( っ・ω・)っ …あ、斜熱板作らなきゃかな。 . GDBをむき出しエアクリにすると低速スカスカになる、とか、エアフロセンサーが壊れる(GC)とか、そんなようなお話を聞いたことがあるけど…(笑) 取り付けは後日!予定あるからダメ! . . と、先日気まぐれで仕事終わりに奥さんと焼き肉屋さんへ! . 焼き肉美味しいよねぇ(笑) お酒も進むし満足!(*´・∀・`*) . . . #airfilter

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Filta-Wash Mackay

Filta-Wash Mackay

When was the last time you changed your 4x4’s filters?! Saturday’s the perfect day to get the job done and we’re open until 11:30am so head in and see us in McCulloch Street, North Mackay.... We have kits for just about every 4WD on the road. 😁

Smoke without the smell! 🔥💨🚫 has the original SmokeBuddy air filters for $14.99. Choose from an expansive collection of colors and designs! @mr_smokebuddy #airfilter

Save money on costly HVAC repairs by simply changing your air filter. As dirt accumulates, air can't pass, or even worse, your system overheats. A furnace that works harder and more often is far more likely to break down from a clogged and dirty filter which will require costly repairs or replacement. Click link in bio to learn more about how routinely changing your air filters can help to reduce repair costs.

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