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Tomeka M. Winborne (@tomekawinborne) Instagram Profile Photo

Tomeka M. Winborne

Slaves are not the identity of the African Men and African Women who were enslaved! #africanamericans

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Elmina Castle

@sandrafranklin1962 and Nicole became great friends on their adventures and journey in Africa . . . . . Sometimes we may go alone on our journey but we may end up going further with people who believe in the path .

Minority College Tips (@minoritycollegetips) Instagram Profile Photo

Minority College Tips

Your white friends can go to class looking busted. You can’t. . Unfortunately, you are judged on your appearance, even in progressive spaces such as college. Minorities are judged more harshly than their white peers, too. While you don’t have to be dressed for a fashion show, it’s important that your clothes are clean and unwrinkled. Invest in a cheap steamer for your dorm if you live in one. Throw your outfit in the dryer AS SOON as you wake up if you’re a commuter; this will get rid of most wrinkles. 👖🥿👚👕👗 . You’ll also feel more confident if you go to school put together! Pajama pants, spaghetti straps (with no jacket/cardigan), and workout attire are some things you should reconsider wearing. If you’re not feeling your best, but just HAVE to get to a lecture, put on a clean and unwrinkled hoodie with jeans (if you can wear them) and tennis shoes. . Scroll for some campus approved fashion ideas! 👉🏿 americans

Cassandra Holmes- Almond Joy (@almondjoych) Instagram Profile Photo

Cassandra Holmes- Almond Joy

Did you know? Africans need to be acknowledge for our contributions to the building of America #africanamericans

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itz Godswill


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