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Phoenix Ginder

Processed my gorgeous fibers and I love the results. Both of these were dyed in the same pot with the same colors, but the results couldn’t be more different. My BFL was run through the drum carded after clouding it. My merino was placed on a blending hackle and pulled off into a roving. Can’t wait to spin them! . . . . . #aciddyes

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Ottawa Olde Forge Rug Hooking

Do you dye? We’ve compiled a list of all the articles about dye techniques, dye tools and dye recipes published in “Rug Hooking” magazine since its beginning in 1989. Find it in the “Resources” section of our web site at: #aciddyes

Lately I’ve been into colour mixing using acid dyes on silk, aiming for shades that stand alone. Pretty happy with this one. #aciddyes

School is back this week!! It's been a manic last few weeks, heaps of orders gone out and more will go this week. Yarn clubs are drying/ready to package/packaged up. These will go out the end of this week. If you're waiting on an order from my birthday discounts then these will be dyed this week/weekend. I have so so much to upload to Etsy, if anyone wants to help then please come and join me 😂 Today should be a Bank Holiday (for me anyway) but I really don't know if I'm coming or going just now 😂😂😂 send cake and hot tea please Photo is one of my latest yarn favourites - Explosion. . . . . . #aciddyes

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The Mystic Artisan

(two videos) As promised, a time lapse video of @leafnincosplay and I dyeing the chihaya for Lailah! Note, there are two videos, and the second half has the funny captions. Everything looks cooler at 20x amirite?? Video editing is more time-consuming than I expected, but I'm starting to get the hang of it. YouTube, here I come??? #aciddyes

The Mystic Artisan (@the.mystic.artisan) Instagram Profile Photo

The Mystic Artisan

IT'S SO PRETTY Edit: oh, yeah, I should probably mention that this is for the chihaya of Lailah's miko alt costume (she's a character from Tales of Zestiria.) all 34 butterflies dyed with the help of the amazing @leafnincosplay , everything is washed out and looks good, and I am breathing a HUGE sigh of relief because this is a major piece that I would not have had time to do over. There will be a future post with more process details (I'm thinking about doing a small YouTube video series too) on the specifics, but here's a quick overview. This is a mix of @dharmatradingco 's lanaset black and hot water orange, mixed with alginate and silkscreened onto their 10mm silk habotai. Weirdly, when I forgot to add the citric acid in one of my test runs, the dye still set??? So I left it out. The screen was cut from vinyl on my Silhouette Cameo and the vinyl was stuck to a pre-stretched screen. Who wants to mess with emulsion anyway, ugh. #aciddyes

Colour combos #aciddyes

What a fun experiment today! My sister and I dipped our toes into yarn dyeing. We had a couple of skeins of hand dyed yarn received in a subscription that we didn’t like, so why not try over-dyeing? While we were at it, dyed a couple of skeins of “bare” sock yarn and also dyed 4 skeins of yarn (in their natural colors) from my sheep. Tomorrow, once the skeins are dry, we will be better able to judge the final results. Looking forward to putting my outdoor kitchen to use for more dye work!

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