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Подошёл к концу очередной марафон. Я снова вспомнила, что я - Творец всего что меня окружает. Вот так часто... марафонишь, обучаешься, пребываешь в определенных вибрациях, а потом рутина засасывает и ты забываешь как это круто - творить😇 Сейчас по другому будет, потому что прибыло людей, с которыми на одной волне🏄‍♀️ , поймала ее и соскакивать не собираюсь) Трах-тибидох, сотворяю новую реальность😇 Посмотрела вглуБь себя (или вглуПь🤔). Нашла одно таааакое подавленное желание 🙈 сейчас кааааак исполню 🧚‍♀️ каааак прибудет энергии🔥 Пошла творить дальше свою распрекрасную реальность, познавать себя и свои желания🧚‍♀️

SHIFT WHEN TWO WORLDS COME TOGETHER YOU FIRST HAVE TO BREAK OUT OF THE SYSTEM The shift happens. When 2 worlds come together. You first have to break out of the old system. Then you can move on to the new world. Shift happens. 5D matrix is ​​expanding further. This requires a shift to be made from old to new so that first two worlds can come together and this energy can be converted to 5D. Old timelines jump, old energy and old patterns can therefore leave the building. Old 3D energy and the ego and spirit need to be transformed so that it can make the shift to 5D. Ego and spirit want control and understanding through the enormous friction of two worlds. The new energy, 5D energy wants the old world to dissolve. This can mean large purifications / conversions within yourself. But it always happens for your highest good, as a human being and as a soul and the conversion to 5D. In the end it is always the agreement in yourself and with yourself you have to make to want to move to full 5D. With the purest love Esther

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Aisha Mar 🌊

#5dimension Look me in the eyes Caress my soul, Do not lose your temper. Be Calm and gentle .  Get close rooting in my hair.  Feel the infinite flight. Slowly bite my shoulder. Kiss me all my aromas.  Hold me tight as if you'll never have me again ever. I am a wild woman and if at any time I have to die I want to do it on your chest after we made love . With our souls connected cosmicaly and for the eternity. : @aishas_aisha @hourglasscosmetics Mirame a los ojos , Acariciame el alma , No pierdas la calma. Acercate enradete en mi cabello. Siente su vuelo infinito. Muerdeme despacito mi hombro . Besame todos mis aromas. Abrazame fuerte como si nunca jamás volverás a tenerme. Soy una mujer salvaje y si algun momento he de morir quiero hacerlo en tu pecho. Con el último aliento de nirvana extremo JUSTO después de hacerte el amor. : @Aishas _aisha

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Enlightened Perceptions

Alan Watts 🖤

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Victor Oddo

If you are seeing this post... you might be one of the volunteers. You can only perceive what you are the vibration of... as my best friend Aaron Doughty always says. He's right. You would not "Stumble upon" this type of concent if you didn't attract it into your life.

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Trevor Yaglinski

What you MUST know about the “shake up phase” of the awakening process...

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