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Shanona Dreem (@shanonadreem) Instagram Profile Photo

Shanona Dreem

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Darling Maddox Vintage

P R O V E N A N C E (@provenance_vintage) Instagram Profile Photo


Antiquaire Boutique ( Instagram Profile Photo

Antiquaire Boutique

David Jerez-Szathmary (@that40skid) Instagram Profile Photo

David Jerez-Szathmary

Grosmont MPD

"Britain trip, spring of 1939. My folks treated me to a trip to Britain as a graduation present. It was originally supposed to be a trip to Spain, but that changed for obvious reasons. Next time I was in England, the year was 1943, but that's another story for another day." fashion

πŸ‘€Eye contact is more intimate than words will ever be. πŸ‘€ Seriously though, this 1940s gown.😱 It is SO luxurious. It makes me feel like a 40s movie star, and I’m all for it.πŸ’— fashion

SOLD 1940s straw saucer hat. Can't wait to see how the lucky gal styles it. Stay tuned. #1940sfashion @ladydioramour

Alisa Powell Tetreault (@mosteverything) Instagram Profile Photo

Alisa Powell Tetreault

Most Everything Vintage

πŸ’œ Our last 40’s post of the day! This lovely rayon cropped top with large sequins and button closure detailing down the back. Rumor has it that Bette Midler wore the same exact top in the 70’s β€œA Star Is Born” movie. Throw on a skirt or pair of high-waisted skinnies and you have a knock out! Bust 34” - Waist 26”, $45. Must have? Comment with β€˜please hold’ for 48-hour hold or DM for shipping. . . . . . . . fashion

Alana Knight (Sophia Alana) (@sopha0127) Instagram Profile Photo

Alana Knight (Sophia Alana)

Bethesda Terrace and Fountain

Zap ⚑️ your phone’s charged!!! . . πŸ“· @cristalcraftphotography Special effect(tiny spark) by me πŸ˜… Bombshell Miri Marvel/ Shazam also made by yours truly . . Despite the extreme heat this was such a fun shoot and I can’t wait to host another DC Bombshells shoot in the near future! I have so many bombshell cosplays to choose from it will be hard to pick πŸ˜… and thank you to @ghostbusterman1984 for being my cape flipper! . . #1940sfashion

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