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Eric “E-Panda” Hernandez (@epandagram) Instagram Profile Photo

Eric “E-Panda” Hernandez

🏋🔥Bula Coach🔥🏋 (@bula_coach) Instagram Profile Photo

🏋🔥Bula Coach🔥🏋

皮子 (@pdpon3) Instagram Profile Photo


Leche Doña Blanca (@leche_donablanca) Instagram Profile Photo

Leche Doña Blanca

Инста Чика💣 (@scotoboy) Instagram Profile Photo

Инста Чика💣

Seth Menachem, M.A., LMFT (@the_life_of_a_therapist) Instagram Profile Photo

Seth Menachem, M.A., LMFT

Alessandra Saviotti❤♐🍀🌻 (@alessandrasaviotti) Instagram Profile Photo

Alessandra Saviotti❤♐🍀🌻

Missy Pfeifer (@mpfeifer4) Instagram Profile Photo

Missy Pfeifer

La Fábrica RD🇩🇴Eddy Collection (@la_fabrica_rd) Instagram Profile Photo

La Fábrica RD🇩🇴Eddy Collection

Blusón Tropical 🏝 a tan Sólo 450$ al Detalle y 350$ x Mayor ❤️ Estamos ubicados en la Avenida 27 de Febrero #14 al lado de Transporte Espinal ( Santo Domingo ) Whatsapp 📲 829.692.5566 829.637.9018 829.904.7563

Rebecca Blackorby Ludwig (@cc.sewing) Instagram Profile Photo

Rebecca Blackorby Ludwig

This was my favorite lesson so far from @sewitacademy Course #14 the top from the three piece wardrobe. I loved the options for Pattern Hacking. It allowed for so much creativity. The process felt like not just sewing but designing and I am hooked 💗soooo much fun! I used the pattern to make two separate pieces. The first was a silky sleeveless top with the double ruffle hem. The second was a sweater knit top. Both fabrics are from @joann_stores I did add two inches to the the length of the bodice to make it more of a tunic length. I modified the neckline on both pieces by scooping them out in the front and the back for a more relaxed fit.

おら (@pei8pe) Instagram Profile Photo


19kakitaikai.四万十#14 インスタにあげていいと言ってくれた。 これはまぁイケメンなこと???

India Street, Kuching Sarawak

Bare in mind , The different between Insanity and Genius is your level of Success . The Impossible is always Crazy until you Do It . I was born no Genius so I'm prefer the Insanity way ! Shoot With : @iphone XS Max Shoot By : @kedaz Mural Art By : @leonardsiawart_ #14&15September

LILY RUSTAM (@lili_rustam) Instagram Profile Photo


Orang lain boleh datang & pergi sesuka hati,tetapi sahabat sejati selalu tetap di hati.. Terima kasih buat Ping & Heny,selama disana kalian susah payah meluang kan waktu/traktir sy mkn2/antar kesana/ri,pokok nya yg bikin kalian repot,kelak suatu saat sy punya kesempatan membalas kebaikan kalian. # # 💕 # # #14/16agustus # #

And the last bit of Dropbox HQ- station ID numbers- directional and individual stations (#14 pictured) didn’t see the need to post all of the stations!

Clínicas de la Audición Panamá (@clinicasaudicionpty) Instagram Profile Photo

Clínicas de la Audición Panamá

Panama City, Panama

Los ruidos muy altos pueden ser dañinos, aunque duren poco o mucho tiempo 🔔🔈. Estos ruidos pueden dañar las estructuras delicadas del oído interno, causando pérdida de audición inducida por el ruido 👂. . 📍Estamos ubicados en el Centro Especializado San Fernando, Piso 9, consultorio #14. ✅Haga su cita llamando 📞 al 394-7035/394-7036 👩🏻‍⚕️🗣👂🔊🎧 . .

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