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List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: University of Mobile

Maggie Tajchman (@maaggzzz) Instagram Profile Photo

Maggie Tajchman

Senior szn✌🏼🏐

jadenmorace (@jadenmorace) Instagram Profile Photo


Got my little shoebox all ready for freshman year!! 💗💗

Mark Simons (@marksimons96) Instagram Profile Photo

Mark Simons

4 years 60 singles wins 65 doubles wins 3 x All Conference First Te 2 x All American 5 x Player of the Week Regular Season Conference Chpion 2018 I ce with nothing and i leaving with so much more than I could have asked for. We fall short with them te in two conference finals but we left it all out there the past 4 years! I loved competing alongside my brothers and I’m going to miss it! It’s been real Mobile. It was a of a ride! Thank you for everyone that I have met alongside this journey. People that helped me survive in my classes and that made those 4 years the best 4 years of my life! It’s time to go back home and keep the journey going! “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened” GO RAMS, as always!

katie wilkinson (@eleanor_wilk) Instagram Profile Photo

katie wilkinson

1st day of NP school 🤓 (😭)

Loving my new home but missing this sweet family of mine

layton warren (@laytonsuzanne) Instagram Profile Photo

layton warren

I guess it’s official!!

Emily Butts (@emily.booty) Instagram Profile Photo

Emily Butts

Super excited to say that I have decided to further my softball and academic career at the University of Mobile! Blessed to have this opportunity, cannot wait to work as a ram! 🐏♥️

Javier Ahumada (@_javierahumada) Instagram Profile Photo

Javier Ahumada

Finishing my last college tennis season! It was a pleasure weones🎾 Créditos a la mejor fotógrafa 📷 @luciag14

Gavin McNellage (@mcnellage) Instagram Profile Photo

Gavin McNellage

Thankful for UM...more thankful to be done! A big thank you to everyone who helped me get to where I am!

Brittany Anne McDade (@justalittle.britt) Instagram Profile Photo

Brittany Anne McDade

Last Goodwill Gala with my best gals.

Jacob Scott Hildreth (@jacob.hildreth) Instagram Profile Photo

Jacob Scott Hildreth

We don’t need uniforms to cheer these girls on🏐

Brantley McKinion (@brantleym_) Instagram Profile Photo

Brantley McKinion

YALL!!! I’m still in awe of Friday night! Tanner put together the sweetest, most thoughtful engagement ever. I seriously could not be more thankful for him (and everyone who was involved). I the luckiest girly in the world to have someone so azing, so caring, and so sweet to be with FOREVER🥰 I love you, Tanner Farmer. Thank you times a million.💕 (Ps. Still waiting on more pics so be prepared everyone)

Emily Dunnivan (@emilyyy_dunnivan) Instagram Profile Photo

Emily Dunnivan

what a year 🤩💕🤪 . . . Freshman year ✅

Morgan Cleveland (@mocleveland20) Instagram Profile Photo

Morgan Cleveland

thank you to my wonderful fily (even the ones who couldn’t make it today) for loving and supporting me through every step in my college career - even from 500 miles away! These past 4 years have been filled with celebrations, fellowship, and occasionally tears with people who made UM my home. I thankful for the Lord’s provision and plan that he had for me at Mobile and for these azing people He placed in my life!

elaina davies (@elainadaviess) Instagram Profile Photo

elaina davies

game day🤪

chloe herndon :) (@chloeherndon) Instagram Profile Photo

chloe herndon :)

had to say goodbye to my best friend of 7 years today & although that was tough as h*ck, i’m so so happy that she found the perfect school for her (even if that means we have to be 670 miles apart) love you lots, kitkat :)

gray moore🌙 (@k.gray.moore) Instagram Profile Photo

gray moore🌙

never did i ever think i would love them this much

Demi VanderWerff (@its_an_epi_demi_c) Instagram Profile Photo

Demi VanderWerff

“Guys, I’m a style icon.”

Micaiah Rae Montgomery (@micaiah.rae) Instagram Profile Photo

Micaiah Rae Montgomery

welcome home

Shannon Walden🌻 (@shannonwaldenn) Instagram Profile Photo

Shannon Walden🌻

Ask me how my summer at FUGE is going. 📸 @micahseripin

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