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List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: United States

Edmilson Filho (@edmilson_filho21) Instagram Profile Photo

Edmilson Filho

DIVERSÃO CERTA ! Já viu o NOTAS no Netflix ? Então agora veja o especial do @whinderssonnunes ADULTO. Já viu o ADULTOS?Então veja o NOTAS. Já viu os dois ? Então vá ler um livro 😂👏🏻🎥📚

JalvarezFlow (@jalvarezoficial) Instagram Profile Photo


4 pollitos 🐣 y dos patitos? Ok dale tato (hablando con los gemelos ) @alvarez2twins

Noticias Telemundo (@noticiastelemundo) Instagram Profile Photo

Noticias Telemundo

El fiscal general del estado de Washington, Bob Ferguson, continúa argumentando porque los migrantes que trabajan e un centro de detención cobren salario mínimo y no un dólar por día. Pero el Departamento de Justicia se opone.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Haz clic en el link del bio para ver los detalles.

Claude Dielna (@iambilaldielna) Instagram Profile Photo

Claude Dielna

BD5 🎆 ☝🏾

Jazminne Offically Laced 💆🏽‍♀️ (@imaslayyobae) Instagram Profile Photo

Jazminne Offically Laced 💆🏽‍♀️


Walker Cantrell (@walker.can) Instagram Profile Photo

Walker Cantrell


Krystal Crosby (@krystalbrigette) Instagram Profile Photo

Krystal Crosby

feeling like a kid in a candy shop this weekend

Lindsey Lott (@lindseynlott) Instagram Profile Photo

Lindsey Lott

From East coast to West coast, summer 2019 you won’t be forgotten

Anne Schramade (@anneschramade) Instagram Profile Photo

Anne Schramade


GeraldinSantos🌈. (@geraldinsantos09) Instagram Profile Photo


Need you when im broken.

M a d d i e   E v e r a g e (@madisonev) Instagram Profile Photo

M a d d i e E v e r a g e

Mornings on the ranch with Dallas are the best way to start the day 🌎

Isabella Pennington (@isabella.pennington) Instagram Profile Photo

Isabella Pennington


Real, euro ou dólar, corra pelo certo e escreva a sua história 🇺🇸

Jonathan Belle | Superman (@jonathanbelle) Instagram Profile Photo

Jonathan Belle | Superman

It’s magical to witness, in yourself. Or in a friend. When you have a loved one start to realize their potential. It’s an awesome feeling. —————————————————

✮Anna Atherton✮ (@annamalcrackrz) Instagram Profile Photo

✮Anna Atherton✮

great note to leave on 🎶

🍍    Lûçïā Cåmpãgnâ    🍍 (@luciacampag) Instagram Profile Photo

🍍 Lûçïā Cåmpãgnâ 🍍

☝🏼•No dejes para mañana lo que quieres probar hoy...•👈🏼😅🍓

Carlos Contreras Cámpora (@carloscontre10) Instagram Profile Photo

Carlos Contreras Cámpora

la birra es una, tómatela con calma😙

anne-sophie (@annesorondeau) Instagram Profile Photo


how 'bout now

Noor Jayani (@noorjayani) Instagram Profile Photo

Noor Jayani

//As some of you might know, I just came back today, after being in the USA for a month. I haven’t been posting much lately, cause I wanted to be in moment. I didn’t even take pictures or record anything, so thank goodness for other people who made these pics 😂🙏🏽 I normally don’t do these long ass posts, but for this time I will make an exception lol. If you don’t care, just scroll further, but if you do read the whole cheesy thing, thankyou and cool🤗 haha It took me a while to actually take in what we’ve accomplished in this past month. I can’t explain how proud I am and how grateful I am to had the privilege of sharing this huge stage with these amazing people for 9 fcking times... Ever since I was little I’ve been dreaming of dancing the finals of HHI, and WE DID THAT. We ended up 8th of the world. Which is a big achievement but I actually don’t even care about the ranking, cause the true reward was in the journey towards it. All the hard work we’ve put in, the sacrifices that we’ve made, it was all worth it. We all grew so much from it and I wouldn’t have done it with any other people. You guys are like family to me❤️ Then a special thankyou to the person who made this all happen: @carltonmarkswalden You are like a big brother to me. The things you create and come up with never fail to amaze me. THANK YOU for pushing me, inspiring me and motivating me to keep getting out of my comfortzone and stay learning and growing. And thankyou for all the opportunity’s you give me. You are truly amazing at what you do and that may be said🙏🏽❤️ I’ve met a lot of new people, made new friends! Took so many classes of people who inspire me and I look up to so much (stay tuned for footage✌🏽). Took in so much knowledge, learned a lot of new tools. I’m more motivated than ever before. I can’t describe how sad I was to be leaving, but I know I will be back soon✨//

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