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Partners in Ramen ... the Roccettes are happy girls at their happy place @momofukutoronto 👯‍♀️

Thank you Toronto! You rocked tonight

Jay Weinberg (@jayweinberg) Instagram Profile Photo

Jay Weinberg

And the hits just keep coming. What a night, Toronto. You were maniacal.

when my show is this Friday but Jonas brothers show is Saturday... rehearsing but also mentally preparing to see my boyfriends 🤷🏻‍♀️

𝙀𝙍𝙄𝘾 𝘽𝘼𝙐𝙕𝘼 (@bauzilla) Instagram Profile Photo


THIS WEEKEND 🇨🇦 I’ll be attending my 1st @officialfxc in my hometown TORONTO!!! Come say “Hi, eh?!” & I’ll draw you a picture!!!

MILLENNIAL MAMA (@ariba_pervaiz) Instagram Profile Photo


We’re going to try and post almost daily on YouTube y’all. Send good vibes.. wish us luck.. send help.. just don’t ask about this last pic. We were trying something new. 🤓 ZAYDENS FACE SAYS IT ALL. 😂😩New vlog is linked in my bio! Subscribe while you’re there. ❤️

Curiocity Toronto (@curiocitytoronto) Instagram Profile Photo

Curiocity Toronto

13 days left of @letsgototheex! How are you planning to celebrate, Toronto? Photo by @arjsun

Др. Елена Березовская (@dr_olena_berezovska) Instagram Profile Photo

Др. Елена Березовская

Сегодня среда, а это значит, что снова открыта рубрика ! ⠀ Принимаю ваши вопросы на тему "Воспаление придатков". Был у вас такой диагноз? Как вы узнали, что у вас именно "оно"? Задавайте вопросы ПО ТЕМЕ, а я отвечу на них в пятницу вечером, на своем канале в Youtube и здесь, на  IGTV, а также на моем официальном сайте в разделе "Вопросы и ответы".

The @cntower awaits the approaching storm saying “*#%&&, this is going to sting!”

Conservative Party of Canada (@cpc_hq) Instagram Profile Photo

Conservative Party of Canada

Having a child is an exciting milestone in any person’s life, but it comes with added costs and pressures. Today, young parents are under pressure and worried about their future. They are looking for help and Justin Trudeau has proven that he cannot be trusted to deliver it. A new Conservative government would make maternity benefits tax-free to support new parents.

gusmodern (@gusmodern) Instagram Profile Photo


Busy week this week? Same here! Whether you’re working on a stressful work project or a fun, personal one, all of our new workspace designs are here for you! • The Modular Branch Shelving System, the customizable Envoy Desk, and the welcoming Radius Task Chair are all new designs that bring casual sophistication to both home and office spaces. • To view our complete upholstery collection visit or pop into your local Gus* retailer (to find your Gus* retailer click link in bio).

My crazy friend @katdoingstuff and I tried to review @aircanadaexpress on our way to Montreal and it kinda turned into a highly amusing episode. Soon on my channel....but with whom should I team up on a future review, famous or not famous, tag your candidate in the comment section below and maybe it’s gonna happen sooner or later!

Luhring Augustine (@luhringaugustine) Instagram Profile Photo

Luhring Augustine

Closing Soon: Ragnar Kjartansson’s “Mercy” (2004) is currently on view in “Muscled Rose” a group exhibition at Scrap Metal Gallery in Toronto through August 30. • At just over one hour in length, “Mercy” is one of Kjartansson’s earliest forays into a kind of repetitive, durational musical performance that he has revisited throughout his artistic practice. For the artist, works like this are an attempt to render “small things” like lyrics into something palpable and poignant. As he says, “With repetition, a musical phrase stops being a melody and becomes something totally formless…I stumble on something I find very important, and somehow, with repetition, I manage to turn it into something almost religious and sculptural.” • • Image: Ragnar Kjartansson, “Mercy,” 2004, Single-channel video, Duration: 62 minutes

Before They Were Famous (@mccruddenm) Instagram Profile Photo

Before They Were Famous

Gotta rep my @KandyPens at all times ✊

Before Eva and I blew our audience away with Hallelujah

Giorgia Manakis (@giorgia_manakis) Instagram Profile Photo

Giorgia Manakis

Posh spice

Simone Jespersen (@simonejespersen) Instagram Profile Photo

Simone Jespersen

Så skete det endelig 🙈 For det skal ikke være en hemmelig, at jeg med krøller altid har haft en lille drøm om at få håret flettet, så det hele for en stund blev bare en smule nemmere og knapt så ustyrligt 👩🏼‍🦱 Som teenager brugte jeg gerne flere timer på at glatte det, da krøllerne og jeg ikke altid var lige gode venner 🤦‍♀️🙆‍♀️ Så i dag skulle det altså prøves! Og selvom jeg normalt elsker mine krøller, så vil jeg nu alligevel nyde at kunne stå op og ikke gøre noget som helst de næste par uger eller hvor lang tid det nu holder 👀🙈✌️

Celestine Caravaggio (@celecara) Instagram Profile Photo

Celestine Caravaggio

How many looks can I pull off in one day? This would be number 3. Swipe left to meet one of my favourite filipina actresses. @rhosbugay

JENNA CAITLIN 🕊 (@jennaacaitlin) Instagram Profile Photo


🍭 Thank you, Ex 🎟


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