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Portland State University medias on Instagram

List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: Portland State University

Karlie Hustle (@thekarliehustle) Instagram Profile Photo

Karlie Hustle

I wrote a post about this photo. It’s on my Patreon. Also, I’m unrolling a 20-part memoir series this week. They are short writings about my crazy life. ✔️ If you’re on the $2 tier, you don’t have access. That’s the podcast-only tier. Bump to $3 and you’re good money. Link in bio and don’t forget there is an app! ✔️ As always, if you can’t afford either tier, message me on the side and I can shoot you podcast episode links privately. I don’t want anyone’s financial situation to keep them from what I believe is important dialogue.

Matt Taven (@thematttaven) Instagram Profile Photo

Matt Taven

Told you I’ve defied the odds again!

Luke Clanton (@lucas_clanton6) Instagram Profile Photo

Luke Clanton

Portland state ⚔️🌲

lane webster (@vroomlane) Instagram Profile Photo

lane webster

much congrats ava! swipe for a plot twist;)

Hannah (Weber) Scanlon (@hannahrscanlon) Instagram Profile Photo

Hannah (Weber) Scanlon

I can’t tell you how hard this guy works. He has been working full time, loving me full time and then going to school at night for the past year. Last week he graduated from PSU with a degree in Marketing. Paolo, I am so proud of you. Thanks for working hard and loving me so well chunkis ❤️

Laker Dance (@lakerdance) Instagram Profile Photo

Laker Dance

WOW. WHAT A DAY. ProAction, we can’t wait for Day 2!!! Thank you for pushing us, challenging us, making us sweat (A LOT), and making every second of it FUN! 💙💙 @proactiondance

Yesterday I graduated with a BS in Human Resources, as well as, a BS in Management & Leadership 🤪

Kyle Morris (@kylemorrispdx) Instagram Profile Photo

Kyle Morris

I am now officially graduated with degrees in Marketing AND Advertising 🎓✏️ crazy how I made it through college with 2 business majors while still living my life to the fullest! I can’t wait to see what this new future of mine holds and thanks to all who have stuck by me in all my endeavors thus far 🤓

Kitfox (kristina) (@tina_kristinaa) Instagram Profile Photo

Kitfox (kristina)

They weren’t lying when they said it would go by fast. I’m proud to say I earned two Bachelor degrees in Advertising Management and Marketing from Portland State. I graduated Summa Cum Laude and as a Business Honors student (). I’m so grateful to have spent the last 4 years learning and developing in this city, but I’m so excited to not have 1000+ projects, papers, and discussion posts to worry about anymore. Infinite thanks to my parents for supporting my educational endeavors and to everyone I met along the way who helped me grow into the human I am today. On to the next chapter... ✈️

Alex Winkler (@alexwinkler33) Instagram Profile Photo

Alex Winkler

Through four years of ups and downs, I couldn’t have done this without the support of family and my friends from EWU, UO, and PSU. Thank you all for helping making this happen 💚👨🏻‍🎓🎉

Taylor Brotton (@tbrot23) Instagram Profile Photo

Taylor Brotton

Krissy, It’s inspiring to watch you succeed at everything you do! From D1 scholarship athlete, to Philippines National Soccer team, to COLLEGE GRADUATE and that’s just the beginning. Thanks for taking me along for the ride as you continue to lift up everyone around you. Can’t wait to see you succeed at whatever you decide to do next! I love you ♥️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ - Tay

Rachel Leong (@rachel.leong) Instagram Profile Photo

Rachel Leong

I didn’t always know which direction I was headed, but I kept working hard and never gave up. Time to explore a new adventure! 🎓 . . . 🎓

Tan Yan Hao | 陈彦豪 (@yanhao96) Instagram Profile Photo

Tan Yan Hao | 陈彦豪

Gown photos are everywhere so here’s me looking like I’m running for office.

İbrahim Yıldız (@yildizibrahimgs) Instagram Profile Photo

İbrahim Yıldız

Bachelors of Science in Child, Youth, and Family Studies with a Minor in Community Health

Tanju Öner (@tanjoner) Instagram Profile Photo

Tanju Öner


Reh Vanatta (@rehlynn) Instagram Profile Photo

Reh Vanatta

The reality of “never doing that again” is sometimes composed of relief, pride, and satisfaction. It can also be a time of loss, appreciation for the past, and fear of the future. In this moment, I’m blessed to sit with such a beautiful mixture of emotions. 🎓💚

Maria Fernanda Valencia (@mialuvscolombia) Instagram Profile Photo

Maria Fernanda Valencia

A milestone closer to my dream of becoming an MD. Couldn't have done it without God, my roots, my support system, and @kpnorthwest for believing in me throughout my journey.

Itamar Hernandez (@i.ta.mar) Instagram Profile Photo

Itamar Hernandez

To say I only did this for myself would be a lie, it was all for the fam! Also, congrats to my cousin @biancadale_ for earning her degree from OSU this weekend!

Marcus Malouf (@marcusmalouf) Instagram Profile Photo

Marcus Malouf

My dad’s biggest wish was for me to have an education. Pretty cool I was able to finally graduate college on Father’s Day with him watching from the skies👼❤️

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