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The Breakers Palm Beach medias on Instagram

List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: The Breakers Palm Beach

The Breakers Palm Beach (@thebreakers) Instagram Profile Photo

The Breakers Palm Beach

Happy Wednesday! You can find us relaxing by the Front Porch...

Billie Carroll (@billiecarroll) Instagram Profile Photo

Billie Carroll

🌸💥 @thebillieshop

Ryan Loco (@ryanloco) Instagram Profile Photo

Ryan Loco

Street’s closed || @billiekaywwe 💄: @vc_makeupartist

Amanda Cerny (@amandacerny) Instagram Profile Photo

Amanda Cerny

These fuhkinnnn guys!!!! @johannesbartl

Dr. Gina Gentry Loudon (@realdrgina) Instagram Profile Photo

Dr. Gina Gentry Loudon

The Dems have no way to match the energy of @realdonaldtrump. Obama is losing sleep every night knowing his legacy is being dismantled.

Евгений Черняк (@chernyak_yevgeny) Instagram Profile Photo

Евгений Черняк

Лучшее, что читал за последние 10 лет: Нассим Талеб ‘Антихрупкость’. Гениальный виззионер и футуролог. Море смыслов, перечитываю второй раз, выписываю цитаты. Уверен, он получит Нобелевскую Премию.

Emily Quillen (@em_quillen) Instagram Profile Photo

Emily Quillen

Just do it

Aerin Frankel (@aerin.frankel) Instagram Profile Photo

Aerin Frankel

bead bracelet modeling career taking off, thanks to all my jewelers

Ellen Kavanaugh Interiors (@ellenkavanaugh) Instagram Profile Photo

Ellen Kavanaugh Interiors

Vignette with custom cabinetry details by @leeds_custom_design in cerused teak @ferrickmason


the Breakers can’t get rid of us ♥️

WEDDINGS BY ALLAN ZEPEDA (@allanzepedaphoto) Instagram Profile Photo


@TaraFoley glowing at reception (@jzevents)

athena❥ (@asula99) Instagram Profile Photo


some of you need to see how it’s done

Russell Kay (@russk70) Instagram Profile Photo

Russell Kay

I asked and SHE SAID YES! From the second i first saw you i knew you were special and that’s when it all began. Audrey Esterle I love you more than anything in this world,not only your beauty takes my breath away every time i look at you but truly how you make me feel. You give me motivation, happiness, joy and a confidence with you by my side we can conquer the world. You are my soulmate and i cannot wait to start the next chapter of our lives together. I love you baby forever and always.😘😘

if you need me I’ll be here 🐚

Najair 🇯🇲 (@nc.vw) Instagram Profile Photo

Najair 🇯🇲

Pt2 🔥 📸

Gabi DiPace (@gabidipace) Instagram Profile Photo

Gabi DiPace

*Vulnerable post* • Phew. I have been wrestling with so much anxiety these last few weeks. Social media is such a weird thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for it. It’s helped my music reach people who otherwise would have never heard it and that is a gift. But it’s also a highlight reel. In between these “posts” lately my days have been full of anxiety over money, over my future, being pulled in every direction, working my butt off to pay off debt, navigating family issues, managing my life and getting music out. I wake up exhausted. I feel spent. I hustle so unbelievably hard because I know my dream takes work. • This morning though, I felt this gentle nudge from the Lord to just sit in bed, listen to piano music and journal. I saw this picture in my head of me riding a tandem bike with God. I was the only one pedaling at full speed, like so fast that I forgot it was a tandem bike. I looked back and said “Why aren’t you pedaling?!” He said “Well what if I know we’re not going that way? I’m not going to pedal towards a direction that I know we’re not needing to go. Why don’t you let me pedal for awhile? Catch your breath. I’ll redirect this bike in the direction I know we need to go. Look up and enjoy this view.” • I just started crying. Sometimes (most times in my experience) I work so freaking hard for something but once I’m in it I can’t enjoy it because I’m already working towards the next thing. What a foolish way to live! I’m thankful for my work ethic, I can’t change that, but I can change my ability to let go. Trusting that I can’t figure it all out today. Learning to look up and see how far I’ve come instead of how far I still have to go. I need to see what I have instead of what I lack. Anxiety is a thief. It steals joy from moments that should be savored. I’m choosing to take a deep breath and focus on these shows this week. I cannot wait to play for you tomorrow night @voltairewpb West Palm Beach! And in Orlando @deeplycoffee on Friday!!! I love you all so much 💚 Thank you for walking through life with me and supporting my music. It means more to me than you will ever know.

I once had a Corgi named Jake...oh he was such a devilish little rake...with his ears up to here....and nothing he did fear...a happy man he did me make....painting by Richard Murray

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