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Angel Stadium of Anaheim medias on Instagram

List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: Angel Stadium of Anaheim

Madeline Carroll (@madscarroll2) Instagram Profile Photo

Madeline Carroll

Well the annual @harvestcrusades is tomorrow ! This is a throwback to last year when I had the honor to be interviewed in front of thousands of people here in southern California at angels stadium still one of the best and craziest moments in my life ever. Forever grateful to @greglaurie @cathelaurie and the whole harvest team @harvestoc @mark.arenas for always being the best to me and my family. Can not wait for tomorrow please come and bring a friend! Friday - Sunday ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

Anaheim Ducks (@anaheimducks) Instagram Profile Photo

Anaheim Ducks

🔥❗️You don’t want to miss us when we visit the neighbors on Sept. 13. Head over to @angels to get more info!

Chapman University (@chapmanu) Instagram Profile Photo

Chapman University

A lot of emotion on campus tonight as our freshmen and their parents took part in our candle lighting ceremony and then headed to the field to get to know their fellow Panthers! Tap the link in our bio to check out our Orientation Facebook album.

I love you darling! Have a fantastic school year! . You are such a bundle of goodness. I love your soul and spirit!

Nick Ghanbarian (@nickbayside) Instagram Profile Photo

Nick Ghanbarian

If you want to grab a beer with Finn just shoot him a text 📸: @garrettbarth

Riley Breckenridge (@rileybreck) Instagram Profile Photo

Riley Breckenridge

Reposting from @classicgrit: Our monogram tee and embroidered snapback are a perfect pair — a clean, iconic, and timeless design printed on high quality blanks. Both items are available in the shop now. (Shop link in bio.) Show of hands: Who’s repping in a full CG kit? (📷: @gusj714)

Harvest Crusades (@harvestcrusades) Instagram Profile Photo

Harvest Crusades

What is your favorite @christomlin song? Comment below! | August 23 - 25 | Angel Stadium | FREE |

Jodie Esquibel (@jodieesquibel) Instagram Profile Photo

Jodie Esquibel

”Reject your sense of injury and the injury itself disappears.” —-Marcus Aurelius

OCSD BOMB SQUAD (@ocsdbombsquad) Instagram Profile Photo


Training for specialized units comes at a cost. Many times it requires extensive travel, time away from families and associated burdens on the attendees as well as their home agencies. Our advanced training opportunities are rarely encountered in a local setting, which means more frequently than not, we may only send a limited number of Bomb Technicians (often only one or two) to attend. The benefits of training are so substantial and crucial to our discipline however, that as a standard practice, the attendees bring back the knowledge they gained and the concepts and techniques they were exposed to, and share those procedures and skills with the rest of our squad....and at times neighboring Bomb Squad units as well. This week we went to work sharing information gained last week in Alabama with other members of our squad. Next month we will be working on some of the same concepts when we host a few of our brothers and sisters from U.S. Navy EOD. When it comes to knowledge transfer of potential lifesaving skills, sharing IS caring. 🚫💣🇺🇸

The Dollhaus Beauty Co. (@dollhausbeautyco) Instagram Profile Photo

The Dollhaus Beauty Co.

Hi y’all! I’m Nikki, The Dollhaus Beauty Co. owner, your makeup artist and waxer! I’m looking forward to getting everything up and running very soon 💗 stay tuned to this page for all the exciting progress and updates! . P.s. all of you are invited to our big grand opening party at @maisonnoireca 🎉🎊 we will announce the date and time soon so make sure to follow them, too! 💃🏻

Matt Salinas (@budomatt) Instagram Profile Photo

Matt Salinas

PLEASE ALLOW ME TO REINTRODUCE MYSELF! I just became the newest co owner/partner within the 10th Planet Orange County/Las Vegas gyms! TLDR This is a very proud moment/year for me. Earning my black belt and becoming an owner of a successful academy has always been my goal when I quit my “safe” job about 8 years ago. Now with the help of my friends/coaches/mentors, Casey, Ron, and Andy...I have done it. 6 academies in two states and we’re still growing. I’ve slept on the mats in the gym, lived in cars for years, rented out a friends hallway coat closet that couldn’t even fit a kids mattress in it. The thing was all squished in there and the springs bulging out fucking up my back. I’ve lived in a warehouse with a bunch of friends with make-shift rooms made from plywood and 2x4’s. I have greatly disappointed my parents by quitting a very “safe” union job where I would have been set for life at. I’ve neglected family. I have lost touch with close friends. Personal relationships have suffered and ended. I remember how disappointed my parents/relatives were when I told them I was quitting that job. My dads upper lip was quivering and his eyes twitching. It killed me. I’ll never forget that moment. They were scared for me. Rightfully so. I would have been to if I were them. I don’t come from money, I didn’t go to school and that job I had was a sure thing. I remember when I told the boss why I was quitting. He laughed in my face and sarcastically said “good luck with that!” And pointed his finger at the door. I just wanted a different path. I was young enough with no attachments or anyone depending on me so I took a risk. I said fuck it, im going to live small and lean but laser focused. I’m glad that I did. Thank you Casey, Ron, and Andy for giving me a chance to learn how to run a business and allowing me to teach for you all these years. But most of all thank you for allowing me to grow as a man. I look forward to growing more with you all. I love you guys Thank you to my students, past and present, for growing with me through each evolution and for teaching me just as much as I teach you. I love you guys We’re here now but the road goes on :)

ɮʀɨǟռ ɮօɢɦօֆɨǟռ (@brianboghosian) Instagram Profile Photo

ɮʀɨǟռ ɮօɢɦօֆɨǟռ

•Luego de viajar muchas horas en bus , hoy anduve en el Park de Vans indoor y había una jam en Street me gane la mejor pasada😊✨🇺🇸🇦🇷 Gracias por la buena onda @cultcrew 🙌

happy o week🤪🥳

Ally Walchirk (@allywalchirk) Instagram Profile Photo

Ally Walchirk

orange ya glad to be back in orange?🍊

Into the O-week jungle

swipe to see just how happy we are to be back

yonkers and gshaf back at it again, this time taking on sophomore year 💪🏻💪🏻

☆ Caitlin ☆ (@caitlin_guiao) Instagram Profile Photo

☆ Caitlin ☆

heyyyOooo week ;) see what I did there

Looking forward to dancing with these lovely people the next 4 years! Cheers to Chappy!❤️🥳

Saaya Anzai (@saayapapaya) Instagram Profile Photo

Saaya Anzai

Pain is my power. | En route to Seattle for a Home Camp for @usa.danceprogram — & I can’t help but to reflect exactly a year ago, when I had to cancel this very camp because my right calf muscle ripped from a camp job prior. I was out for several months and couldn’t even drive 😔 Having to learn to love myself even as a couch patooter, this was the moment I started to plan out my fitness journey. Fast-forward to one year later —> I’ve never felt stronger, healthier and more alive! Every chance of failure is an opportunity to rise again stronger for a bolder comeback. If that means I need to fail a hell of a lot more times, then bring it on.

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