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Keith Smith (@beef31) Instagram Profile Photo

Keith Smith

Whew...last night was a testament to G O D. S/o the real one himself Jesus Christ for guiding my way back onto this field. The thoughts and feelings endured through the whole process since finding out I had to have surgery 3 days before camp were enough in itself, next to being limited all the way down to walking ladder drills. But then to have been able to step onto that field with my brothers less than a month later....Only God himself is to credit for that. Idc what my future holds this season, but God made himself clear that HE IS here wit me through whatever is ahead and AINT NOTHIN gon hold me back. S/o all the people who contributed to my rehab and the process period my @stars_socal fam, Dr Liebel, Dr. King, Raiders AT staff, all my loved ones who held me down and kept my spirits high, @amandataney for being there for me every second of the way by my side LITERALLY, and THANK YOU HATERS. Cause God knows y’all fueled the comeback. And let me tell you it’s just getting started...I’m baaaaccc 🤪 LET YEAR 6 OFFICIALLY COMMENCE. 😤😈🙏🏿

Adam Ottavino (@adamottavino) Instagram Profile Photo

Adam Ottavino

mount davis

Yankees Beisbol (@yankeesbeisbol) Instagram Profile Photo

Yankees Beisbol

Gleyber. HR . Joven ⭐️.

paul james (@pauljames_6) Instagram Profile Photo

paul james


are we vsco girls yet

Pink Siifu (@pinksiifu) Instagram Profile Photo

Pink Siifu

Wya in life?

+ ain’t no stoppin that entropy + - case study: 01 @danielcaesar

Meeting w/ @pandora today wish me luck 🙏✨

josh bernaldo (@bernaldont) Instagram Profile Photo

josh bernaldo

imagine: you went

We can stay up late tellin manly stories. And in the mornin I’m makin waffles!

Ariana Loa (@ariana.loa) Instagram Profile Photo

Ariana Loa

let’s see how many times @danielcaesar makes us cry

I want my friends to be safe.

grace jensen 🧚🏼‍♀️ (@gracejjensen) Instagram Profile Photo

grace jensen 🧚🏼‍♀️

bv lost the game but like...they stay winning in my hEART;););)

sup brah😜

Kt Lacasse (@ktlacasse) Instagram Profile Photo

Kt Lacasse

loves oakland 🖤

CASE STUDY 101, NO. 5, 2:21

Lindsay Savage Seegmiller (@lindsay.seegmiller) Instagram Profile Photo

Lindsay Savage Seegmiller

I tried to save the best for last but I truly can’t decide what pictures I like best. Here’s a few of my favs from the most dreaming temple and wedding day💞

amina brooks (@aminabrooks) Instagram Profile Photo

amina brooks

Party of 5.

💲⚜️🇳🇮 (@banessalicious) Instagram Profile Photo


He took me to a ball game 🙂⚾️

Two years ago today I met my best friend for coffee in downtown Oakland. We were so buzzy to see each other (it had been a couple of days) that the barista was moved to ask us if she could take a picture. We were pretty vain even then - I have got more so, and he less, in the intervening two years. Also relevant were our terrific outfits: D. in a parakeet-print button up; me in a richly colored floral jumpsuit. It was a moment when our gender-paths briefly crossed: I was taking the floral route to high-femme; he was taking the colorful shirt path to sissy. I loved the way our bodies pushed into each other back then, which you can see in the shimmy of our torsos. There’s so much apparent joy in this image, and I find it really sexy to look at too. In less than ten months you’ll be making out, lovebirds 💖🐣🐦🐤🐣💖

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