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Kyla Villanueva (@kyladvillanueva) Instagram Profile Photo

Kyla Villanueva

either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing

Michael Charleston B. Chua (@xiao.chua) Instagram Profile Photo

Michael Charleston B. Chua

For the first time today as a historian, I held in my hands the original manuscripts of the Noli Me Tangere and the El Filibusterismo, some Rizal drawings and the Proclamation of Philippine Independence--documents that made the Nation, being kept by the Filipiniana Division of the National Library of the Philippines. Thank you Ma'am Susan Fetalco, head of the division, Anne Rosette G. Crelencia, asst. Chief Librarian and Maricel Diaz who made the contact possible. Victoria Bracken, I hope you enjoyed it too.

better talk nice 🤷🏽‍♀️

Mariz Bernabe (@mrzbrnb1023) Instagram Profile Photo

Mariz Bernabe


Christopher Susi (@xcaliver29) Instagram Profile Photo

Christopher Susi

Overjoyed yet exhausted ✌️

ayan ka na naman (@uhhhyann) Instagram Profile Photo

ayan ka na naman

Silhouette 🌸

Hey! You and me, what you think? -Noah Centineo (2018) © @kidnoborn


アレクサンドラ (@alohaleccs) Instagram Profile Photo


it's late but iz okeh. !! this is a long post !! read it @ ur own risk 😂 first of all, I wanna thank Sir Tope for giving me enormous amount of anxiety every. single. day. I got intimidated by you since my cubicle is next to yours (gwapo & talino pa shems my hart) Sir Cha, for always checking up on me & making me smile (+++ your birthday treat!!!) Sir Isagani, for fixing my laptop, voluntarily. Sir Isaiah & Sir Macky, for always offering me to eat with them at the pantry. I never thought that i'd be working in an office along with men. ONLY MEN. they treated me like their own daughter & the office always felt like home. they r so warm towards me so i'd rather stay in the office for more hours than to go home early. I also want to thank Maam Roana for the chocolates 💙 esp Maam Jeeffa for chatting with me & making me laugh most of the time. Maam Cris for assisting me & Maam Weng 4 reminding me to prepare a song & dance number for the christmas party (which didnt happened. thankfully.) & the rest of the ITD family. it is such a huge honor to be in this family even for a short period of time. I will treasure this for d rest of mah lyf. looking forward to more opportunities like this again 💙 💚💛💜❤💓💘💕💗💖💝💞💟 . end 😊 —A

Alvin Ringgo C. Reyes (@alvinringgoreyes) Instagram Profile Photo

Alvin Ringgo C. Reyes

Wondered, what if I search for my name in the National Library, would it yield a result? Yes, it did. :)

Jade Rebusa 🔹 (@jaderebusa) Instagram Profile Photo

Jade Rebusa 🔹


inside the national library of the philippines 📖

Karlo Nograles (@karlonograles) Instagram Profile Photo

Karlo Nograles

Quick kumustahan with Yorme Isko Moreno during the 132nd Anniversary of The National Library.

Kristle Anne Hilario (@krissyhilary) Instagram Profile Photo

Kristle Anne Hilario

R O S I E L L A 🌹 (@iamsiella) Instagram Profile Photo

R O S I E L L A 🌹

Breathe and let it go 🍂

Jai Ramirez (@jyrmrz) Instagram Profile Photo

Jai Ramirez

finally!! 😌❤️

Crizel Bartolata (@panulat_1996) Instagram Profile Photo

Crizel Bartolata

Finally. 🌻 !!!!

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Sean Nathan Bisda

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