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Most of you know how much I love coconut oil as a moisturizer. I might have mentioned it a few times (okay a lot). hey, I like to share things I love. Well, guess what, the Love Body and Planet Muru Muru Butter & Rose Body Wash is infused with organic coconut oil for skin. It's also infused with Amazonian Murumuru Butter which is a lot like coconut oil. So, you guessed it, I love this wash and I know you will too! 💕 What you'll also love is this awesome BOGO sale going on this week at Rite Aid. Plus, we've got a high value coupon for you. Great product, great deal makes it a ! Click the 🔗in my bio at @livingrichwithcoupons or go direct to 💕 This is a paid partnership with @mirum_us

Scott Simonson (@scottysimes80) Instagram Profile Photo

Scott Simonson

Home base has been established... plz beware of dogs... really just Tyson.

The Asbury Park Press (@asburyparkpress) Instagram Profile Photo

The Asbury Park Press

Liam McAtasney has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the of his former classmate, Sarah Stern.

CBS News (@cbsnews) Instagram Profile Photo

CBS News

A judge is under fire for ruling that a should get leniency in case because he "comes from a good family."

Leah Melby Clinton (@lmcshops) Instagram Profile Photo

Leah Melby Clinton

Early bird gets the outside moment

**act up by city girls

Christopher Labzda (@labzda) Instagram Profile Photo

Christopher Labzda

Caught These two sleeping 💤 this morning!

Tom De Pinto (@tom_depinto) Instagram Profile Photo

Tom De Pinto

My dog won’t bite you but I will

chris_nicholl3 (@chris_nicholl3) Instagram Profile Photo


Sunday funday at the Coladonato household @anthonyjcoladonato

Cara Sottile (@carasottile) Instagram Profile Photo

Cara Sottile

You make life so much sweeter💙👶🏻

Da'Shon Taylor (@dashontaylor_) Instagram Profile Photo

Da'Shon Taylor

I done gave up so much free time knowin time ain’t free 🦍⏳

sunsets and rainbow skies from this weekend 🌈

Heads up @stephaniegilmore, we’re coming for your titles. @wsl

Personality pic 🍦

julia redbord (@juulliiiaaaaaa) Instagram Profile Photo

julia redbord

natural born doggy paddler🐶

Dominick Caruso (@c_a_r_u_s_o) Instagram Profile Photo

Dominick Caruso

Want to take a moment to congratulate this lovely lady on getting a job in the NICU @ Jersey Shore University Medical Center! So excited for you to join me in NJ

in jersey we fist pump to zac brown

Happy Memorial Day🎉 . . . . .

Kerri Sullivan (@ksulphoto) Instagram Profile Photo

Kerri Sullivan

Today was my last day at the job I’ve had since fall 2014. I had the good fortune of working with a really great group of people during my time here. I’ll always be grateful for the place where I met a bunch of my truest friends. I’m looking forward to the next chapter of my library career, where I’ll be serving the public in a new way as a programming and outreach librarian!

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