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Lover's Lane Trail Presidio medias on Instagram

List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: Lover's Lane Trail Presidio

Nailed it. Obvi. 📸 @_giannale

Rebecca Yale (@rebeccayale) Instagram Profile Photo

Rebecca Yale

My tip to couples for amazing photos from your wedding or engagement session: be so ridiculously in love with each other that you forget the camera is there and just enjoy each other’s company. I’m an art director by nature and love posing and working with my couples to get the best angle, light and composition, but truly the magic happens when people feel comfortable and most like themselves. A favorite from a recent session in NorCal. Can’t wait for their Summer wedding with @bluebirdproductions

We’re engaged!! On 11.17.19, my best friend became my fiancé. Robin, the amount of love and detail you put into last weekend blew me away. You sure know how to make me feel a certain type of way. Your proposal was beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of. I love you, FIANCÉ 🥰 • • • 📸: Shoutout to @robertlugtu for capturing every moment!! Your pictures are breathtaking and something we will hold on to for a lifetime.

when ppl ask "how's your love life?"

Sophia Hoffman (@sophiah99) Instagram Profile Photo

Sophia Hoffman

Just some lovers at lover's lane

gemma 🥀 (@bexhoa) Instagram Profile Photo

gemma 🥀

This isn’t a real cosplay shoot but hello I’m giving cosplay a try! I learned that I absolutely do not know how to pose for cosplay at all so this is a more casual human Zero Two bec wow wigs are hard to deal with. Thanks to everyone with words of encouragement while I learn how to sew >.< 📸 // @amp.kun

divya vishwanath (@div.vishwanath) Instagram Profile Photo

divya vishwanath

love of my life. 💍 p/c: l’incroyable @sylviegil

Austin Jew (@austinjew) Instagram Profile Photo

Austin Jew

The second best city with the worst tour guide

found my lover 🌚💕

Jimmy Dang (@dangjimmyyy) Instagram Profile Photo

Jimmy Dang

Being spontaneous has led me to this little gem. 💎💕

Celestine Pearl (@cel.pea) Instagram Profile Photo

Celestine Pearl

My honey for the day 😍😂💞thanks for taking the pics @kentbravo

Iggy Deleon ❤️ @sassyong (@iggy524) Instagram Profile Photo

Iggy Deleon ❤️ @sassyong

Officially engaged to Steph!! ————————————— Photo credit: @sunshineshannon

Michelle 🎀 (@meesh__) Instagram Profile Photo

Michelle 🎀

Sunday funday with my baby love 🐾❤️

The countdown in on...6 months...182 days. Thanks for the great shot!! 😍

Jasmine Kharma (@jasmine_kharma) Instagram Profile Photo

Jasmine Kharma

Zig-zagging through life while laughing along the way is how I like it 🙃

@pancakesthebulldog strolled down Lovers Lane with your bf, just thought you should know...

Heather Phillippe (@sweetfeather) Instagram Profile Photo

Heather Phillippe

I know I’ve been quiet recently, but some of you know I’ve been busy with this bun I’ve been making. She’s already half way done, and has been a joy already. Feeling good and happy. Be prepared for a baby Feather this Christmas! 🤰🎀💞


97 days until I get to I get to claim the most thoughtful, romantic, sweetest, silliest, handsomest guy as my husband. 🙌🏽❤️

Sophia Ortega (@sophia_ortega) Instagram Profile Photo

Sophia Ortega

Sorry for all the pic posts but I can’t thank @beccatorresphoto enough for not making me look like an awkward turtle like I normally do 🙃 I love you!! ♥️

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