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Lilongwe, Malawi medias on Instagram

List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: Lilongwe, Malawi

Gian Luca Ewbank (@baldacconi) Instagram Profile Photo

Gian Luca Ewbank

Lilongwe Lollipop Crew ✌🏾🍭

Jimmy Johnson (@jimmydpsalmist) Instagram Profile Photo

Jimmy Johnson

@wendyharawa • • • • • • We can now count in hours, does your friend know? Nanga your Wife kaya husband? Chabwino your girlfriend/boyfriend? Relatives? Aah aah! Tell them now to prepare for this time to Worship together. It’s happening tomorrow. With performances by @jimmydpsalmist @onesimusmuzik , @allnew_namadingo , Great Angels Choir, myself @wendyharawa & many more... See you at Please share it!! And invite your ex's too.

Bruno Gagliasso 🐺⚡️🌳🌻 (@brunogagliasso) Instagram Profile Photo

Bruno Gagliasso 🐺⚡️🌳🌻

Mulheres e crianças são os mais vulneráveis em um campo de refugiados, longe de suas origens, sem proteção do seu governo e distante de sua família são alvos de violência e estupro, realidade relatadas por elas desde a saída traumática de seus países onde muitas vezes assistiram os homens de suas tribos serem mortos e mulheres e meninas serem estupradas, realidade que ainda persiste e sem falar ainda de situações de violência doméstica onde o próprio companheiro a maltrata e ela não tem como se libertar da violência devido a sua extrema vulnerabilidade. A @fraternidadesemfronteiras entendendo essa realidade tem justamente esse foco: amparar crianças e mulheres e está construindo casas de proteção para acolhe-las! Faça parte, apadrinhe essa causa!

Giovanna Ewbank (@gio_ewbank) Instagram Profile Photo

Giovanna Ewbank

QUE SAUDADES QUE EU TAVA DESSE LUGAR, dessas crianças, desses sorrisos e desses abraços!!!! ❤️🌻🌈❤ Hoje estou muito feliz e muito emocionada de poder apresentar o país da minha filha, e esse projeto lindo para a minha família!🇲🇼 Saiba que vc tbm pode fazer parte disso...De cada abraço, cada história, cada sorriso!!! Vc tbm pode ajudar a mudar a vida de centenas de crianças junto com o @fraternidadesemfronteiras 📚 Conheça, compartilhe essa ideia e transforme vidas. Todo mundo pode fazer parte dessa onda de afeto e adotar a educação de uma criança com apenas R$50 por mês. Lá no site do você pode conhecer todos os projetos, no Brasil e no mundo, e acolher uma história. Juntos nada parece impossível, meus amores!!! Sigamos transformando o mundo, de pouquinho em pouquinho, e o futuro será melhor para todos! 📖❤️❤️❤️

Adrià Camps Arpí (@acampsar) Instagram Profile Photo

Adrià Camps Arpí

Kelvin Kalua (@kels_1.0) Instagram Profile Photo

Kelvin Kalua

Graduation things, 2019 memories

Griffin Bell (@gjbell86) Instagram Profile Photo

Griffin Bell

Last week we finished the third iteration of our Spatial Analysis (GIS) short course and I exhausted. However, I finally feel like I've made a contribution that matters. @not_ur_habibi and I designed this course essentially from the ground up and we created material to fill 5 full days from 9-5. In three weeks, we trained 60 early- (and a few late-) career researchers from Malawi and Ghana. During the first week, we worked in the middle of the night (aided by jet lag) to create additional content for bitious students. One thing that I taking away from this experience is that it takes A LOT more effort to be a good teacher than it takes to be a decent one. After coming home each day completely drained, I in awe of the public school teachers who do this kind of work daily, yet still work extra jobs to support themselves. @uncglobal @uncpublichealth

Descubriendo África

be the change you want to see in the world. make others feel at home when they're with you. and shine your light everytime you get the chance.

Jade Johnston (@jade_johnston1) Instagram Profile Photo

Jade Johnston

Tanga Chimanga🌽💛

3。Andrés (@3yagura) Instagram Profile Photo


3. Pink Panther☆彡Trinity

Maxime Raymond-chitaya (@supermaxboy) Instagram Profile Photo

Maxime Raymond-chitaya

My trip to my home country was the best experience of my life. Spending time with the most incredible fily in the world that i didn't see for 17 years. I cannot say how bless i for all the opportunity i have in life. All ready miss you guys ❤️ This is home

caleb mills (@calebbmills) Instagram Profile Photo

caleb mills

malawi, 2019 🇲🇼 what an experience. after having a few weeks to reflect on this azing time I just want to say how thankful I for everyone who went on the trip, you guys are azing! I’m also so thankful for my azing fily especially my nan who helped me get there. this trip has been life changing for me and i’m sure for many others. getting to know and building relationships with these wonderful people has been such a blessing and something I will definitely never forget. all the the things from running dance classes teaching classic australian dances, to being metres away from elephants, to being in awe of the breathtaking sunsets and landscapes, to spending time just sitting down and taking time to listen and communicate to the beautiful children, i will cherish every single moment of being in malawi. until next time, see you soon malawi.

Dj VinnEQ (@dj.vinneq) Instagram Profile Photo

Dj VinnEQ

Don’t worry we all good❤️

Yapika M (@yapika_) Instagram Profile Photo

Yapika M

A lovely Saturday morning sibling breakfast. Thanks @mwana_wamupanda 💕

a r i e l G (@scaryspicex_o) Instagram Profile Photo

a r i e l G

Last Sunday in Malawi✨ “Earth has no words that can convey the holy calm of a soul leaning on Jesus “. - Charles Spurgeon

Torie Curr Smith (@toriecurrsmith) Instagram Profile Photo

Torie Curr Smith

After an emotionally ridiculous day this little arrival made me giggle. Meet Pom-Pom. He’s a white faced scops owl. Thankfully he’s a pretty healthy fledgling who just got a little side tracked on the path to flying. He’s 164 grams of pure fluff.

Julie Gentleman (@mamajulie2796) Instagram Profile Photo

Julie Gentleman

Missing Malawi and my Shanie tonight! Looking forward to Wes being able to experience the country and it’s joyful people and serve as Tay and Shane have. My prayer is that the “crew” will be able to make a trip together when Wes finishes ball.

Emma Kiely (@emmakielyyy) Instagram Profile Photo

Emma Kiely

And another one leaves the country:(( Bon voyage Susie, as u can see from the pic, Santi isn’t taking it well:(

... 𝓝𝓸𝔃𝓰𝓮𝓴𝓪𝓷𝓲 🌹🍃👑 (@melanated_jewel) Instagram Profile Photo

... 𝓝𝓸𝔃𝓰𝓮𝓴𝓪𝓷𝓲 🌹🍃👑


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