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Long Island... so good to be back! Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow night at @theparamountny

Guide Dog Foundation NY (@guidedogfoundation) Instagram Profile Photo

Guide Dog Foundation NY

Jennie and her Golden Retriever guide dog, Tracer, move down the sidewalk with ease in today's clip despite numerous potential distractions including an open doorway, a baby in a stroller, and an alleyway. At the end of the video, Jennie's instructor, Jody, is prompting her to tell her dog to enter the next storefront. Are you, or someone you know visually impaired? Please visit our website, for info on our program today.

Isa Rodriguez (@iisarodriguezz) Instagram Profile Photo

Isa Rodriguez

my fave Zisholz’s 😍

Sydney Stegmayer (@sydneystegmayer) Instagram Profile Photo

Sydney Stegmayer


Jocelyn 💋 (@jocebear) Instagram Profile Photo

Jocelyn 💋

Happy 20th bestie❤️

Maria Pescuma (@mariapescuma) Instagram Profile Photo

Maria Pescuma

One on one time with my husband, beautiful sunsets & alcoholic drinks 🙌🏼 ♥️

Dayymariee (@dayymariee) Instagram Profile Photo


Summer nights 💕

lalaleahhhx (@lalaleahhhx) Instagram Profile Photo


rehearsed & ready! nothing like a wedding weekend to bring our entire friend group together. so excited for danielle & aaron 💕 |

Rob Hoffman (@robby_hoff) Instagram Profile Photo

Rob Hoffman

Defying all laws of gravity... the mighty @extreme_band

malrobalino (@malrobalino) Instagram Profile Photo


Were about as good at trivia night as you would expect

Rebecca Prushinski (@rebeccaprushinski) Instagram Profile Photo

Rebecca Prushinski

more new york pics??? more new york pics!!!

miss BEG

Hannah Bushery (@hannahbushery) Instagram Profile Photo

Hannah Bushery

fam friday spent well🏰❤️

Claire O'Brien (@claire0b) Instagram Profile Photo

Claire O'Brien

dream come true ✨

allie moore (@alliemooore) Instagram Profile Photo

allie moore

comment your favorite blank space lyric

I CANT BELIEVE IT, $20,000!!! 🤩🎉 I’m still on cloud nine from the other nights PAWS for PWS fundraiser! The turn out was AMAZING and having so many people come out to support such a great cause for our girl, Ella and other children fighting with PWS is truly touching. Creating something to promote different avenues involving children, pets and wellness truly sets my soul on FIRE!! 🙏🏼🧡🎉 My heart could burst with all of the generosity, LOVE, support and awareness that our friends, family and community have shown over the past two weeks! I can’t stop crying, I’m so thankful and blessed that my first annual fundraiser allowed us to raise all of this money on behalf of my company @boogiebarksltd , including 23 other local businesses that ALL goes straight to FPWR to help find a cure with research!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone that has believed in me from the very beginning of my journey and stuck by my side! 🙏🏼 I PROMISE to keep being an advocate for good causes and help take “One Small Step” in being the change we wish to see in this world!! STAY TUNED....we’ve got more events coming your way, this springs gunna be another great one!!! With ALL MY LOVE, Kimi 🧡🐶🐾

paigeloyer (@paigeloyer) Instagram Profile Photo


8 years with my favorite person. You make my bad days good and my good days better. I love doing life with you. To forever 🥂

Victoria LaPorte (@viclaportee) Instagram Profile Photo

Victoria LaPorte

spiiciii mayos

English Turkish