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Heritage Club at Bethpage medias on Instagram

List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: Heritage Club at Bethpage

Jen Peros (@jenperos) Instagram Profile Photo

Jen Peros

We got a brother, folks.

Guide Dog Foundation NY (@guidedogfoundation) Instagram Profile Photo

Guide Dog Foundation NY

Our "Dogs on the Catwalk" fundraiser event was a HUGE success last night! Thanks to all of our generous sponsors and attendees, we were able to raise an impressive $100,000 towards our mission to provide guide dogs free of charge to those who are visually impaired. We couldn't have done this without our incredibly talented event partner, Anthony Rubio, and his eye-catching fashion show, as well as our event sponsor, Marchon Eyewear. Scroll through the photos below to get a glimpse into this fun filled night - we hope you'll join us next year 😁

Baker Machado (@bakermachado) Instagram Profile Photo

Baker Machado

We look like a Vegas magic act. (📷 @j.a.m.e.s.k)

Dyana Bertinetti (@dyanabert) Instagram Profile Photo

Dyana Bertinetti

Best night ever. We love you, Jess and Brian! 💏

Erica Vissichelli (@ericaviss98) Instagram Profile Photo

Erica Vissichelli

Third prom’s a charm:)

Pat Prague (@patprague) Instagram Profile Photo

Pat Prague

Alive after 25

I like stunting I like shining✨🌹

it’s the night of our dreams✨

Juliann Cutuli (@julianncutuli) Instagram Profile Photo

Juliann Cutuli

Wearing a color for a change 💃🏻 Congratulations Lauren & Matt ! 💍

Jane Mulligan (@janemulligann) Instagram Profile Photo

Jane Mulligan

I’d like to thank not only God, but my full spanx

Jackie Oruci (@jackie.oruci) Instagram Profile Photo

Jackie Oruci

An amazing night to remember well spent with my best friends💕

phoebs ✰ (@ph0ebejuliet) Instagram Profile Photo

phoebs ✰

“don’t come home with any colors, like hot pink” he said.

Jennifer Crowley (@jncrowley) Instagram Profile Photo

Jennifer Crowley

my dates

Kyle Sacchi (@kylesacchi) Instagram Profile Photo

Kyle Sacchi

my big or my real life twin??

Emma 🤸🏻‍♀️ (@emmmabearrr) Instagram Profile Photo

Emma 🤸🏻‍♀️

love my beautiful momma❤️

When everyone else wears your dresses but you🥴

katie chisesi (@katiechisesi) Instagram Profile Photo

katie chisesi

never letting you graduate

Recognize the power inside you ♟

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