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Google European Headoffice - Dublin medias on Instagram

List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: Google European Headoffice - Dublin

Sinéad Burke (@thesineadburke) Instagram Profile Photo

Sinéad Burke

Saoirse Ronan is so incredibly talented and has chosen films that are unpredictable but always amplify narratives that are rooted in female strength, vulnerability and empathy. It was such a joy to be in conversation with her today at Google. We spoke about how she defines leadership and power, the importance of surrounding yourself with people who will champion you and constructively critique you, the power of clothes, nurturing the next generation of talent and how we each need to be advocates and allies and finally, the importance of reflecting real life on-screen - in particular, showing and talking about periods / in . Thank you so much to Dave and Sandra from @universal_irl for having me and to Saoirse for her grace, wicked sense of humour and love for Schitt’s Creek. . . [Image description: Saoirse Ronan and I sitting in Google’s HQ in colourful decorative chairs. The backdrop is an enormous LED screen emblazoned with our names and Saoirse’s image. Saoirse is wearing a spectacular two-piece from @herveleger (styled by @elizabethsaltzman) and I’m wearing @maisonvalentino and a wonderful shirt that my parents gave me for Christmas.] 📷 Andres Poveda

Luvvie Ajayi (@luvvie) Instagram Profile Photo

Luvvie Ajayi

Much love to Google Dublin for having me come and speak. It was a great time being in convo with one of their Senior Managers. We talked about my book, my journey and being a truth teller. This is my 5th Google office I’ve visited (hey other Googlers around the world. Hit me up), btw. Dublin Googlers packed the room, and I’m thankful they took the time. Swipe for vids from my visit.

Miki Haimovich (@mikihaimovich) Instagram Profile Photo

Miki Haimovich

בדבלין תהיה גוגלאי

Jason Boland (@jaykodaline) Instagram Profile Photo

Jason Boland

Won't be looking up too much today! ☔

Hannah Witton (@hannahwitton) Instagram Profile Photo

Hannah Witton

First time ever in Dublin & I’m literally just here for a day and spending all my time at Google HQ. Will have to come back again soon & explore the city properly! ☀️

Foil Arms and Hog (@foilarmsandhog) Instagram Profile Photo

Foil Arms and Hog

On top of the Google building. 😁 Jasus nice view. Free blow dry.

Life at Google (@lifeatgoogle) Instagram Profile Photo

Life at Google

We have a thriving and fun community of site reliability engineers (SREs) at Google that keep all of our services going! These graphics on the walls of their workspace in Dublin really capture the SRE culture and mindset.

Universal Pictures Ireland (@universal_irl) Instagram Profile Photo

Universal Pictures Ireland

An absolute pleasure it was to have star Saoirse Ronan in conversation with the amazing @thesineadburke this afternoon at the Google Foundry. Thank you to all who tuned into our livestream!

Joseph Akl (@josephakl) Instagram Profile Photo

Joseph Akl

I know, I know... I’m Getting Old 🎈

Kaan Donmez (@kaaandonmez) Instagram Profile Photo

Kaan Donmez

t-minus 10 hours till I fly out to Dublin to start the next chapter of this journey! I’m excited for what’s to come as I start my professional life at @google 🙋🏻‍♂️👔 ps: I’ve been prepping my liver for all the @guinness & @jamesonwhiskey so let’s get langers🍻😉 ing

Lida Douka (@lidadub_) Instagram Profile Photo

Lida Douka

M.C hosting for the first time... dooone .. *mic drop*🎤 Amazing speakers 👏 Amazing audience 👏Amazing vibes👏 it was a blast 🙏

Mario Solares Nassar (@mariosolares) Instagram Profile Photo

Mario Solares Nassar

Officially a this summer. 😁😀😆

Ethem Sündük (@ethem_sunduk) Instagram Profile Photo

Ethem Sündük

Anastasy Bortnyk (@anastasiya_bortnyk) Instagram Profile Photo

Anastasy Bortnyk

The life of Googler :))

Eliseu Junior (@eliemdublin) Instagram Profile Photo

Eliseu Junior

Living in run-wine balance (@v_kusik) Instagram Profile Photo

Living in run-wine balance

Готовлюсь к преждевременному шампанскому, песням 'all by myself' и объятиям с незнакомой лучшей подружкой из Ирландии😂.

Варвара Белова (@vurik1) Instagram Profile Photo

Варвара Белова

A fresh new Noogler is here

Georges Achkar (@georgesblond) Instagram Profile Photo

Georges Achkar

On graduation day, we wear hats!

Jean-Vianney Philippe (@jeanvianneyphilippe) Instagram Profile Photo

Jean-Vianney Philippe

Having some drinks in Dublin after an intense workshop. It was great to be invited by @Google to launch the pilot of YouTube for performance and trueview for action in Northern Europe.

Katharina (@misskathaa) Instagram Profile Photo


I made it through my first week at Google! 🍀 yaaay! Now off to the weekend!

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