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Chimera medias on Instagram

List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: Chimera

Dave Depper (@davedepper) Instagram Profile Photo

Dave Depper

A question I've been getting a few times every day: "what are those guitars you're using?" The answer is: they are called PX6, and are made by Fano. They have Lollar Firebird pickups in them (this is an old picture taken before I took the P90s out of the purple one), and are quite simply the best guitars I've ever played.

Amazing night at Cain's. So great to meet all of you after the show! Stay in touch — we can't wait to come back :) (PC @magicmeara ) // PS thanks @chimeratulsa for sending us on our way xo

Weston Bergmann (@westonbergmann) Instagram Profile Photo

Weston Bergmann

Chimera are my favorite part about

Iain Young (@iainyoung) Instagram Profile Photo

Iain Young

Hoppin' on that boomerang train. Pun credit @a_norms


Ariela Ollé (@arielaolle) Instagram Profile Photo

Ariela Ollé

Eu não esperava por isso, não mesmo! E ele foi muito simpático! Eu só queria fazer xixi....

Luke Wagner (@leswag_97) Instagram Profile Photo

Luke Wagner

hi mom, i’m shook in this photograph because i just met @vancejoy at chimera. i know you don’t know who that is, but he was really down-to-earth🤙🏼

Samantha Smith (@saisie) Instagram Profile Photo

Samantha Smith

A Clockwork Orange always is fitting when you're spinning vinyl. @chimeratulsa @afistaface

Tanna Newberg (@tannacarrie) Instagram Profile Photo

Tanna Newberg

It's not every day that @ofmonstersandmen signs your arm in a coffee shop & you get a ticket to their concert 3 hours before it starts pc: @jule_tide_carol :)

katy haney (@misskaty) Instagram Profile Photo

katy haney

niece + sister 💕

caroline peters (@caropete) Instagram Profile Photo

caroline peters

tie dye is 4 rockstarz so madz is wearin it of course --- also if you scroll down a little you will see a close up of the rad pins we are sporting !! ⭐️⭐️

Cash VanBuskirk (@cashvanbuskirk) Instagram Profile Photo

Cash VanBuskirk

Heat index of 108 = numerous iced chais

my girl is having a GIRL!!!!!!

AnnalyFerrell (@annalyferrell) Instagram Profile Photo


He's not just any dad, he's a cool dad ~ Beats by Bill

NATALIE K PETERS ⚡️ (@nataliekpeters) Instagram Profile Photo


Today I was encouraged by a friend to take the time to do something I love & that brings joy to my day. I think it’s sometimes easy to forget to do that. But it’s okay to take the time to do things just for yourself. In fact, it’s needed to allow our souls to breathe a little in our busy schedules. Even if it’s something small, I encourage you to do the same!

Caitlyn Cain (@communicaitlyn) Instagram Profile Photo

Caitlyn Cain

one glance and the avalanche drops, one look and my heartbeat stops 🎶 // @walkthemoonband brought us together, so it's only right that we wear matching merch in our INCREDIBLE engagement pictures taken by our new favorite person, @laci__lynn , where we first saw them in concert 💕

it’s so sad throwing away flowers, so we decided to reuse em’ in funky places. tag us if you see em’ @eversomething

loafin' around ✨

Katherine Hair (@katherinehair) Instagram Profile Photo

Katherine Hair

New work. Don't fret, it looks like old work. I know you hate change. Go see it @chimeratulsa

Gabe Gudgel (@gabegudgel) Instagram Profile Photo

Gabe Gudgel

when you meet the band a few hours before the show>>>

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