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Chicago Downtown medias on Instagram

List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: Chicago Downtown

Edyta Górniak (@edytagorniak) Instagram Profile Photo

Edyta Górniak

Kocham potoki górskie, sarny bose stopy, polany i maki. Ale duże, majestatyczne miasta także uwielbiam.. porwało mnie na na nocny spacer.

Derrick Barry (@derrickbarry) Instagram Profile Photo

Derrick Barry

Happy Birthday @Madonna! I’ll hold your hand & dance with you anytime on stage. I’ll always remember this Tour experience as your ! What’s your favorite memory? Photo: @NickSanPedro

David Ryan Harris (@drh3) Instagram Profile Photo

David Ryan Harris

I thought I knew who I was, but I just sat in the backseat of my cousin’s car and ate 2/3 of a bag of BBQ Lay’s potato chips and now I’m not so sure of anything anymore.

I’m here in Chicago for two days doing ministry out in the community with the Salvation Army. Twenty-One souls came to Christ today!!!!!! THANK YOU LORD 🙌🏽 I met some amazing leaders and young people. Lip color is by @sarcasticcosmetics I LOVE PEOPLE

[1000 Comments] @famousdex + Myself will drop ‘Crazy Vs. Weird EP’ Hosted By DJ Shon • Drop An ‘🧟‍♂️’ or ‘💔’ via @thedexterway @maq.12 @ceo_bossmurda_100 @worldwide.wayne

Margaret-Ann Carter (@margaretanncarter) Instagram Profile Photo

Margaret-Ann Carter

She said yasssss!

Chicago Tribune (@chicagotribune) Instagram Profile Photo

Chicago Tribune

Illinoisans have been conducting all-out warfare against invasive species like the emerald ash borer and the Asian carp. And yet, silently, stealthily, another invader has crept into our state, our city — even our own backyards. ⠀ ⠀ Jumping worms, aka crazy worms, Alabama jumpers or snake worms, are being found everywhere in Chicago. It’s pretty easy to figure out where jumping worms, which originate in East Asia, got their name. They jump. In fact, if disturbed, they thrash violently and may leap around a little — it’s momentarily entertaining, in that scary-nature-show sort of way. The worms are energetic feeders, too, which is why they present a problem. ⠀ ⠀ “Not all earthworms are created equal when it comes to helping soil and gardens,” says Brad Herrick, a University of Wisconsin ecologist. “They will stay in that top layer just consuming the organic matter until it’s all gone. Which is why you can see them so easily, and they’re kind of shocking in high abundance.” ⠀ ⠀ Scientists have concerns about the worm’s appetite that go far beyond our city yards. But rolling back the jumping worm invasion is unlikely at this point. Click the link in our bio for the full story. (Armando L. Sanchez / Chicago Tribune | @mandophotos)

Martha Isabel Bolaños (@marthaisabelii) Instagram Profile Photo

Martha Isabel Bolaños

Good morning!!! Por aquí disfrutando la vida! Como están todos por allá? Espero q bien. El mundo no para de girar, siempre están sucediendo cosas. Haz q sucedan las tuyas.

Shawty Paid (@zmoneyworld) Instagram Profile Photo

Shawty Paid

Nnyyeeaahhh!!! 🤧

Kendrick Nunn (@nunnbetter_) Instagram Profile Photo

Kendrick Nunn

Pass and ball handling combo w/ @bas_eve 🏁🏁

What a block by Diamond DeShields! (🎥: @wnba)

Eve L. Ewing (@eve.ewing) Instagram Profile Photo

Eve L. Ewing

staycation day 2!

The Alarm (@thealarm) Instagram Profile Photo

The Alarm

Chicago! You Captured our Hearts ✌🏼🙌 ♥️

Alan Saldaña (@csaldana71) Instagram Profile Photo

Alan Saldaña

Hoy tuve presentación en chicago en mi gira de Estados Unidos la verdad no se lleno el teatro pero para ser la primera vez en esa cd de chicago me parece que la gente que fue se divirtio de lo lindo, tanto me la volvieron a dar de pie, casi se me hacía llorar, igual que en ontario me siento afortunada que en las dos cd me haya dado tan alto reconocimiento confieso que no se comportarme ante ese gesto de la gente pero de verda que lo agradesco. A pesar de que no estuvo lleno yo me entrege al 100 al público como siempre, se que me falta mucho por crecer pero no llevo prisa disfruto cada presentación y cada ves mas gente apoya a un servidor y seguire echandole ganas hasta lograr mi metas Gracia x ser parte este sueño loco Vamos a darle la vuelta al mundo.

Infatuation Chicago (@infatuation_chi) Instagram Profile Photo

Infatuation Chicago

We're just so grateful for any side that lets us bust out the phrase "fully loaded."

DePaul University (@depaulu) Instagram Profile Photo

DePaul University

Not letting go of summer in Lincoln Park ☀️

Marcus Leshock (@marcusleshock) Instagram Profile Photo

Marcus Leshock

GOOD MORNING! I just can't stay away from @WGNMorningNews! I'm on the desk in for @SeanLewisWGN this morning from 7-9am .. alongside the great @newzgirl. I hope you can tune in this morning.

Chiquita Banana (@_prettygirlpearl_) Instagram Profile Photo

Chiquita Banana

Chicago will always give me butterflies 🦋

Gabriella Impallaria 🇮🇹 (@gabriellamarie1326) Instagram Profile Photo

Gabriella Impallaria 🇮🇹

my new favorite

‘twas a breathtaking view of Chiraq

English Turkish