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Burnaby, British Columbia medias on Instagram

List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: Burnaby, British Columbia

Daily Hive Vancouver (@dailyhivevancouver) Instagram Profile Photo

Daily Hive Vancouver

To hot to handle 🔥 Photo by @jadennybergphotography

Cactus Club Cafe (@cactusclubcafe) Instagram Profile Photo

Cactus Club Cafe

From the court to the dining room floor, it's team first for Jason, the GM at our newest Cactus restaurant at Station Square in Burnaby. In addition to his killer jump shot, he's also got some serious skills as a manager, making it his goal to deliver only the best for his guests and team.

Terry Beech, MP (@terryjamesbeech) Instagram Profile Photo

Terry Beech, MP

@novabansalbeech ‘s first baby shower. Your new cousin Zen is only 2 months away!

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia (@mbawumia) Instagram Profile Photo

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia

Such a happy as well as emotional day in Vancouver. I met with my thesis supervisor at Simon Fraser University, Emeritus Professor Mahmood Hasan Khan. Prof Khan is a fountain of knowledge and humility. He happened to be a student of Professor K.A. Busia at the Hague. We talked about old times and his new readings. He gave me a copy of his recently completed autobiography (A Journey of Ages). Professor Khan left me with one piece of advice. He said at his age of 83, he realizes that the most important asset in one's life is your health and if he had to do it over again he would spend more time on his health. Profound advice. He is a true gem.

JJ Dubec MD (@doczilla12) Instagram Profile Photo

JJ Dubec MD

You can’t control who your mommy and daddy are... But you can control your footprint on this world. Loyalty. Integrity. Trust. Stay F7LTHY my friends. 🙏🏼🙏🏼 @DutchmanTattoos @taututattoo and Tautu (the unofficial TahitiTreat 😂) designed the next ‘leg’ of my tattoo journey. Top it all off with the best Mexican food in EastVan to end the amazing day with these fine gentlemen.

Casey Chin (@chincy_5) Instagram Profile Photo

Casey Chin

Big thanks to @sfufootballalumni @sfu_football for once again putting on an incredible event last week at the annual memorial golf tournament🏌️. The boys shot -7 which was a huge improvement from last year ⛳️. Looking forward to seeing the team preform next season 🏈.

Aisuluu S. (@dosuluu) Instagram Profile Photo

Aisuluu S.

Hey, how everyone has been doing? I honestly can’t wait to finish all my exams and finally REST 😍! Do you have any Netflix/kdrama recommendations? 💓

casey-jo loos (@caseyjoloos) Instagram Profile Photo

casey-jo loos

hi. 🥺 when they all tell you you’re “too much” know that there are others like you. you will find them. hold them close.♥️ * find pieces of my heart in good company at @chaptersindigo .

overpriced food but a cute place with a cute girl🤩

‎مدينة ظل (@meddynadhalla) Instagram Profile Photo

‎مدينة ظل

from the top

toni foote (@aestellef) Instagram Profile Photo

toni foote

smiley guy over here

long time no see!

hi meet my boyfriend

Tara Serena Meltsner (@tarameltsner) Instagram Profile Photo

Tara Serena Meltsner

Sun shine and sun chips 💛

Riyana❣️ ( Instagram Profile Photo


escape the ordinary

Madison Shields (@madi_son_shields) Instagram Profile Photo

Madison Shields

“Your biceps are huge kiss me” 😉

Aleksandar Gajic (@atzbatz) Instagram Profile Photo

Aleksandar Gajic

At Milos and Chantels wedding. With my Gorgeous Mom, and Beautiful Niece.

Germana Almeida (@germanabolosdcasa) Instagram Profile Photo

Germana Almeida

Juntos, sempre!! Deus abençoe mais uma semana!!!💙❤️😘 já agradeceu por ter acordado? E por ter saúde??💙🙏🏻😘 💕

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