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American in New Zealand. Cynical but kind. Nature frother and . Friend of kākāpō and co-founder of @thetravelbootcamp, it’s all on my blog ⬇️

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Is anyone else just sick and tired of all the BS and fake behavior on Instagram? I don’t get it. How is it mentally good for anyone to see and consume that stuff OR try and emulate it? No wonder everyone is full of bitterness, stress and anxiety, me included 💁‍♀️ I notice the more time I spend exploring on Instagram, the worse it can be for me if I’m not mentally strong “UGH Liz why aren’t your legs longer and why don’t you have a thigh gap and why didn’t you get a better shot at this place?” Oh that’s right, you are short and love burgers and are anxious AF 🤔 remember, comparison is the thief of joy. Stop comparing yourself to people on the internet, we’re all stars and doing our best 🌟 So next time you’re scrolling through social media and feel those dark thoughts start creeping in, please remember you aren’t alone; we’re all in this together. And I don’t know about you guys, but I’m dying to see more heart on Instagram, I’m CRAVING some damn good stories and authentic pages to follow. Do you guys have any recommendations of creative people who fit the ticket? Who are you really enjoying following on Instagram right now? Tag em and I’ll start resharing 🙏🏻 @thetravelbootcamp

Dolomites UNESCO

As the world becomes more crowded and holiday spots become more popular, it’s getting harder and harder to find little corners of the world that haven’t been overrun with tourism and still manage to maintain their unique character. Would you believe me if I told you there are still places in Europe like this? The @heartofthedolomites defies all logic of being the most perfect string of authentic mountain villages without the chaos of touristy mountain towns. Little to no English is spoken here, siestas business hours are encouraged and the only other tourists your likely to find is Italians (and maybe a German every now and then). If you’re looking for the real deal, this is the place for you 📷 @adventure.venture

Cardrona Alpine Resort, NZ

Saying hello and admiring the beautiful pou whenua installations up at my beloved @cardronanz 🙏🏻 Pou whenua are carved wooden pillars that tell a story here in New Zealand. They are significant to the Māori people, representing their contributions to the cultural heritage and acknowledge the association between the people (tāngata) and the land (whenua). Pou reflect the relationship between the ancestors, environment, and the reputation or standing of the tangata whenua, and it’s so special Cardrona now has 5 pou reflecting their core values. My favorite is the “Fun is Good” pou - which is all about living above the line, being fun and creative, and knowing this comes from within and radiates out (the spirals) - a beautiful way to honor the people and the land here in one of my favorite spots ❤️


Just me and my favorite coconuts @georgiarickard and @laurenepbath 🥥 hanging out in Bali ❤️ together we run the @thetravelbootcamp - where we provide the tools, resources, understanding and hope to guide people to a more purposeful life ✌🏻 running a business with two other women who are equally as stubborn and independent as I am has not been easy but it’s been so incredibly rewarding. I thank my lucky stars every day that I have these two heroes by my side. We are all polar opposites but are perfectly united in our beliefs about creativity and building the life of our dreams, something we have to remind ourselves of constantly as we argue from what to order from Uber Eats to where we shape and grow our company. I’ve worked for myself for so long and I’m fiercely solitary and independent, but learning to work in a team has been one of the richest experiences of my life! And we couldn’t have done it without the wise guidance from our coach @therichcoach who had taught us so much about making our dreams a reality and how to work together to make it happen!

Sri Lanka

Happy World Elephant Day 🐘 I've been lucky enough to spend time with elephants on safaris around Africa and Asia over the past decade, and seeing these incredible creatures in the wild is a profound and incredible experience. Observing them interact in their families and even watching their eyes as they see us, you can see their souls, feel their intelligence, and can't help but want to do everything you can to protect them 🐘 So please, if you are traveling in a place where there are any kind of elephant activities, from "rescue" sanctuaries where you get to play with them to even riding them, please don't. The process of breaking an elephant to be controlled by a human is gut-wrenchingly horrible 🐘 And a massive thank you to incredible groups like @intrepidtravel for taking a stance by banning elephant rides on their adventures years ago and inspiring tourism to change and be more ethically minded with wildlife experiences.

Woodpecker Bay Bach

Sometimes I like to think I was grizzly old Norwegian fisherman in another life ⚓️ @aksalmonsisters 💦

Dolomites UNESCO

Our team member @adventure.venture has been hanging out in Italy this summer and is loving it ⭐️ Wow, you guys. I didn’t know if there was a mountain range in the world that would rival our beloved Southern Alps in New Zealand but spending three weeks in the Dolomites has me second guessing everything. The unique light grey color of the thousand meter rock walls is one thing but pair that with picturesque Italian villages and practically no tourists at all? I think I’m sold. This isn’t the Dolomites you know from your Instagram feed. This quiet area of the @heartofthedolomites in the Medio Alto Agordino is the real deal. Have you been? ❤️

Woodpecker Bay Bach

Sometimes I think I love and hate creativity in equal measure. When inspiration hits, it’s the most intoxicating drug on earth, nothing gets in my way, and I proceed with making things at a frantic pace, and riding the wave of creativity as far is it will take me. I live for that feeing 🎉 But perfect sets and endless swells don’t last forever and calm seas always return and with it a general feeling of and can easily take over. That’s where my head has been the past week and a half, somewhere in between Dr. Seuss’ Slump and a Lurch, and like the wise cartoonist once penned, un-slumping yourself is not easily done. So how do I find my way out of this maze in between a Lurch and a Slump? Suggestions are welcome. What are your tips for finding your creative voice again? For looking for those waves of inspiration? Or just to keep moving forward when you need to? Spill please because I’ve got places to go ✌🏻 @thetravelbootcamp

Passo Giau - dolomites

I’ve always been the biggest advocate of the power of nature to inspire, heal and bring happiness. It’s why I live in the mountains and why so many of my travels take me to the wilderness ❤️ the @heartofthedolomites in Italy is one of those places that makes my heart sing and right now they’re giving away several free adventures to the Dolomites to recharge in nature - um hi, did someone say a free trip to Italy!?? 😃😃 win a spot on the trip of a lifetime to the beautiful Italian mountains this September (13th to 17th) - link in my stories on how to enter - applications open until August 9th ✌🏻


Back in my happy place, by the sea in the heart of the Paparoa National Park in New Zealand 🌿 a temperate rainforest, come wintertime the weather here is often warm and mild, and my days on the west coast were marked by blue skies and pastel soft sunsets. I often come here to sit back and reflect, do some creative writing and allow myself the space for deep contemplation. If I don’t build in time in my schedule to sit back and give myself the space to breathe and dream, I likely won’t do it. And playing in tide pools is the perfect distraction when I need to air my brain out a bit haha! These days are precious to me ❤️ @aksalmonsisters

Toledo, Spain

“Quiero hacer contigo lo que la primavera hace con los cerezos” 🌸 I want to do with you what spring does to cherry trees ❤️ Pablo Neruda

Woodpecker Bay Bach

So here you go, my secret hideaway and where I try to escape to a couple of times of year to get off the grid and do some big thinking. Nothing like being out of reception and hearing the thunder of the waves to get the creative juices flowing ❤️ Woodpecker Bay Bach is the most quintessential kiwi bach (holiday home), it’s hidden amongst the flax north of Punakaiki on the wild west coast of New Zealand 🌿 you can find it on @airbnb and @bookabach but it’s a popular spot! I recommend booking in advance and for as long as you can, this is the most special corner of New Zealand ❤️

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