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Creating a culture of Wise Men. Proverbs 27:17

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This was the most physically demanding stage I have come across at @thetacticalgames . Elite Division had to farmer carry 45lbs water cans for 300 yards to the base of the tower. Then take one water jug with you up the stairs to engage ground targets from the 4th and 8th floors (100 & 200 yds). As if trying not to pass out didn’t make shooting difficult enough, you also could not use your red dot. Irons only. Additionally there were support hand only pistol shots on the top floor as well. After shooting your targets head back down stairs with your jug of misery, grab your 2nd jug at the bottom and head for the finish line. 🥵 I hit 39 out 40 rifle and 18 of 20 handgun. 📷: @recon_ro (look at that brass!) -AR Pistol with a 10.3” @ballisticadvantage barrel and NiBo BCG. @velocityprecision Trigger.

Finally! Behold! The “Sultan of Sewing”...the “Joker of the Juki”... the “Knight of Nylon”.... @lunarconcepts has forged single point slings for us! If you have a subgun, AR9, micro pdw, or maybe you just enjoy the feeling of a full size rifle slamming into your junk on a transition, then single points are in stock for you! The unique part about these single points is that they have two points of adjustment so you can get a nice snug fit or some breathing room. Need to get out of it in a hurry? Just press the clip and presto! Sold exclusively through our website. LINK in PROFILE.

Dropped a @velocityprecision PCC Trigger in this @angstadtarms . It can pump out rounds very quickly...

*Reminder to check your gear* I have had zero issues with running solely a red dot...until I changed the battery. This was a quick easy fix for me, instead of sending the RMR back to Trijicon because nothing was actually wrong with the dot. After the shim, the RMR was torqued back down to spec and I then confirmed my zero. No issues since. Have any of you had this issue?

I’m bringing the Glock 34 to the SC @thetacticalgames . My Archon is till running great but it is going to @mac_defense for grip re-texturing. The old faithful G34 shouldn’t let me down. Plus inch longer, is an inch stronger. Right?

What is your prefer optic height? I have a new video on YouTube discussing this topic. Let me know know down below what your prefer. There are a variety of options these days.

@lunarconcepts Contour Slings back in stock. The 2nd pic is a close up of the new toggle on the slider. The new slider is designed to be a bit more tactile for when you’re in a hurry or when feeling for it in low light or obscured vision by a gas mask. It will be hard to miss when you’re adjusting your sling.

The King of Stitch @lunarconcepts has graced us with more Contour Slings 🙌🏼!!! Head over to our website and pick up one or two that suites your fancy. Spread the word and tell your friends. If you suffer from being left handed then those Contour Slings will be open for pre-order on the website (2 week lead time).

The Glock 43 might be one of the worst handguns I have ever carried but it’s better than nothing. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Bubba Tabs keep your sling organized and out of the way until you need it. They come in a variety of color flavors and will fit just about any handguard. A little SBA3 Split Fix action at the end of the video. Available for purchase on our website 👍🏼

@sb.tactical has made more progress on behalf of the 2nd Amendment than any other organization or company has in the last 20 years. Everyone gets to see and use their products but behind the scenes it is a constant fight. The pistol craze would not even be possible without the efforts from SB Tactical. They are a company that proves Americans will always find a way.

@lunarconcepts and I had a last minute opportunity to attend the back end of @vigrtraining (Phillip Groff) Defensive Handgun 3 class. Worked on some pretty cool stuff and did some force on force as well. I like Phill’s classes because he doesn’t handout “attaboy’s”. You think you’re fast or particular accurate? He will push you to be even better.

Update video on my Archon Type B. Some folks have had issues with their Archons but was it just the bugs being worked out of the early models? I have recently passed 4,000 rds and ran it through @thetacticalgames. Checkout the YouTube channel.

For those of you living the dot life, do you use the optic itself to manipulate the slide? (The 1st vid I owe pushups 🤬) Optic cut by @jtac_industries 👍🏼 😂

Me: Pistol calibers are no match for rifle calibers when it comes to energy transferred into a target. Internet: yOU hAVeN’T EVer HeRD oF a CoLT DeLTA elITE in 10mm?!?!? Me: Yeah that’s still a pistol caliber... Internet: ...iTs a 19ii fOr YOUr INforMaTIon....has MAsSivE sTOpiNG POwer. Me: 🤨

If you haven’t checked out my video on the Canik elite combat executive, I invite you to head on over to our YouTube channel. This is one of my favorites of 2019.

@lunarconcepts P.I.M.P. Carriers are now on our website! Better get them while you can. They will go fast.

My everyday carry items have definitely changed over the years. I have prioritized certain components and completely eliminated others. My first gun I ever carried was a Glock 21 SF 😂. A little big for my britches to say the least. NEW YouTube video up on my EDC (it’s been a couple years). Leave me a comment on how your EDC has changed over time.

@surefire_llc ‘s Battle of the Bills included a large portion of CQB work. Now, I have taken some basic CQB courses in the past but this one covered some stuff that was new to me. It also takes time to become familiar with the way your team works together and the SOP’s for certain situations. @tapracktactical was a wealth of knowledge when it came to working us through the shoot house. This video covered a dry run. It was slow and steady while we received instruction from Bill Blowers about some of our mistakes. Bottom line much friggin fun.

Took a pot shot while moving from the barrel to the barricade at 75 yards 😂🤷🏻‍♂️. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” - Wayne Gretzky -Michael Scott

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