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Will Burrard-Lucas

🦁 Wildlife photographer & founder of @Camtraptions. 👇 Check out my latest video:

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The most remarkable elephant I have ever seen and the cover image for my book "Land of Giants". On check out the incredible work @tsavotrust and @kenyawildlifeservice are doing to keep Tsavo's Elephants safe.

Remembering Lady Liuwa on . For a number of years, she was the only lion left in Liuwa Plain National Park, until @africanparksnetwork introduced others for her to form a pride with.

Segera Retreat

A magical misty morning in Laikipia. Sunrises don't get much better than this! @segeraretreat

Lion Cubs photographed with . Link in bio to my 10 year anniversary BeetleCam video...

Liuwa Plain National Park

Another image straight out of the Lion King! In my opinion hyenas are actually quite loveable 🤗 This was taken with -- link in bio to my 10 year anniversary BeetleCam video!

is 10 years old! See my new video, link in bio...

Cairngorms National Park

I've been testing out Sony's new 200-600mm for wildlife photography. I used it to photograph this spectacular Osprey last month in Scotland. Check out my full behind the scenes video on

Borana Lodge

A smiling rhino! Photographed last month @boranalodge

Segera Retreat

A handsome lion photographed last month @segeraretreat

Land of Giants 🐘

One of my favourite elephant portraits from . A large bull elephant photographed with

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