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Back in the city for a busy two days 🤙🏻

Cedar Lakes Estate

Who else is excited for Fall? Prints like these plaids, leather jacket szn, layers on layers 🍂 I’m just about ready for it. In @boohoo

Heading back upstate for two nights, hi and bye!

Being on a farm this weekend brought back major Out West vibes from my @shopweworewhat @onia collab. The next collection launches the first WeWoreWhat Swim on @shopweworewhat as its own brand! I’m so excited to shoot the new pieces next week, any guesses on the theme?! They’re my favorite designs I’ve ever created and we’re introducing coverups too!

Hi, I exclusively wear silk at home 💁🏻‍♀️ (but actually I only wear these @intimissimiofficial sets, they’re too good) ☁️

Freshly organized by @betterthanb4_ 👌🏻

Too much or too good? ☀️

Midtown chronicles, can you tell I just left my attorney’s office? 😪

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Open for business 😏

New York, New York

Moody (in all ways today) - but I just looked at an awesome office space so that’s very exciting!

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