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Donald Trump is your President, if you're not happy about!

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Questioning those in power is not a bad thing, it is what our forefathers wanted.

How deep is the rabbit hole, depends on how much you dig.

Repost @jaco.booyens He is leading the way in raising awareness of child trafficking. Please follow him and check out his movie he made, based on his true life story. It is very powerful and makes you awake to the evil sickness in this world and sadly majority happens in the US.

She sold us out to, wait for it....China!

News from autopsy shows several neck fractures including a broken hyoid bone, which is more in line with a strangulation, not a hanging.

What he said. @an0n66

Many of us have been following @terrencekwilliams from the beginning. He has now gotten the lefts' wrath. Keep him trending so they know we aren't backing down and more importantly, we aren't scared of them.

I wear it proudly. Once there are enough facts to support a theory; it ceases to be a theory. And you are just left with _____?

I got a bridge to sell you...

With everyone in an uproar about green card applicants, who are a leech on government subsidies... Aren't they always comparing these to immigrants to our ancestors? Mine didn't take a dime, it wasn't available. I'm here, so obviously it is possible.

I'm in!

If Epstein doesn't do it for you, there is no convincing you otherwise, Patriots please don't try.

Yeah...about that.

Epstein is dead. Yeah..I believe that, just like the weight on my driver license.

Life is too short to be so serious.

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