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6 Mile beach, Nelson, Bc

Today will be a day of epic proportions.!!! @marklandvik @baldisbeautiful ... thanks for bringing us all together.

A very earned 50th Jeff! @baldisbeautiful👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 not afraid to be yourself and always willing to work for it... Nothing but love for you and your beautiful family.

Grand Targhee Resort

Teaching Shep about global economics. 😂

💥W A R N I N G 💥 First Orca’s just hitting stores.! 147 - 153 - 159. Sold out before winter last year. My whale tailed technology with @libtechnologies “Ain’t no gutless fish” all mountain carver and pow carnivore adorned with the incredible @kim_krans art! I recommend you get it about 8CM’s shorter than your normal board.! I ride about a 160-162 ish at 5’11” 190lb. and the 153 fits me perfect. SEE YOU IN THE FOREST.. @milo_auburn thanks for the shout out.🤘🏽

Cranking one out in Pasadena. . . Capture @teddymuse @curtismorgan

My daily multi-vitamin. This stuff is amazing @hanahliving... Tablespoon a day or a go-pack is my daily ritual. This product, the team behind it and the family around it, . I enjoy you.

Jackson, Wyoming

A seriously evil summer... @evilbicycles .. Trips me out every time I ride..🤘🏽Available in Jackson @hoffsbikesmith!

REALLY excited about this one, ! Last season @bryaniguchi, @jeremyjones, and I explored the Teton Wilderness on a 10-day human-powered expedition with @tetongravity. Guch has been a major inspiration for me, and as most probably know, it was his words “This process we follow, This cycle we ride” that were the backbone of our film ‘The Fourth Phase’. . Roadless is a film that focuses a bit more on Guch’s passion with the mountains during the best split trip I have ever been a part of. And with Jones and Guch! I mean come on!!! . Learn more about the film at my link in bio.

Astrology. 🌑🧲🧬 @cielawynter @jody_deychen 📷 @grego_campi,

Pisco Elqui, Chile

Standing at 13.5 thousand feet with @slashdiaz watching the sun disappear up here in Chile was something I won’t soon forget. A ceremony the night before, a shaman told us that a total eclipse has the power of 10 super moons and is a profound time for transition. So, we built a big one. I have never built a jump out of half rocks and snow, but hey, in these high and dry Andes one needs to be resourceful. Going to post up a little edit of our day here shortly. Pretty hard to sum up the experience in words. Just wow... . . . Haters are going to say that UFO bottom left is a lens flare....😎 .

Little mission up south... details in Stories.

Skateparkin with @chrisrasman@libtechnologies @fotomaxizoomdweebie — hipsssss

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