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Dynamic Duo Leo Level Up Bday Bash less than 24 hours away. Reserve your spot or see you at the door. 8/24 Diva Den 6:30p

I would like thank everyone for the birthday wishes....the month is not over yet! 😉😅 Come turn up with us @ our Leo Level Up Bday Bash this Saturday at 6:30p, Diva Den. Cost is $15.

Got it....birthday Dutch!

When the country comes out of the city girl! Horseback riding and fishing. The kiddos brought some luck to grandpa...~ 8-10lb flathead catfish. Lil Miss Saniyah caught a bass and Mekhi learned how to cast a rod on the second attempt. Obie learned how clean and filet a fish from start to finish.

Enjoyed my special day with family! All my favs! ✔ Quality time with family ✔ Buffet style breakfast ✔ Homemade German Chocolate Cake ✔ Few hours out with my 💗 to have a Birthday Drink and dinner ✔ Variety of deer sausage from my dad's catch ✔ A very special birthday song from mini me

Daddy's little girl!😊

Bday behavior with my 💗! No matter what....he's always got my back.

Family fun!!

Yup! It's my bday! Thankful for another day and to spend it with family. Definitely can't wait to dance it out next week for our Leo's Level Up Birthday Bash on the 24th at 6:30p. Hoping y'all can join us! 💞🎊🥳

I now have to fight with kiddos about who gets the window seat on the plane. I need to sleep!!!!! Well she gets the window seat with dad...only to find out the last seats on the plane have no windows. 🤣😅 So he gets his cell phone out and changes the scenery for her window view. "Too bad, so sad" I tell her which it what she normally says to me. 🤣

Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39

We have been waiting to see a launch forever. It's not the space shuttle we hoped for....but it's the SpaceX Rocket Launch! Amazing..see short video. Only 6miles away from launch site.

Dave & Buster's

She was so excited about her winnings....over 3000 tickets and a new sequin unicorn backpack.

T-Rex Restraunt Downtown Disney

Continuing to have fun and celebrate me with our photo bomber wanted to get in on the fun!

Family fun time at the beach with my sis in laws and nephew! Ending the evening at Cooters Restaurant and Bar....they say cooter is slang name for turtle. They help save the turtles. My blackened seafood platter was delish!

It was a beautiful day celebrating our niece's Big Day! So happy for her and her husband...and their new journey as 1! Of course The Perry's had our own pre wedding photo shoot!!! 😅

Bridal Shower for our beautiful niece!

Heyyy yalll!!!

Words cant express how I felt today. Sometimes you cant recall or are too busy to let your mind stand still to think about what brings you joy besides close family and friends. Recently, someone had me reflect on me. What I found is I find joy in how i connect with team, patients and their families, fitness members etc. They describe me as influential, energetic, enthusiastic, inspiring, motivating and a leader. Today, I connected with the Women of Nike. Meeting them for the first time. Going around the entire room meeting and introducing myself. Some thought they were having a meeting (they did but it was to introduce their team leaders, their goals and me!🤣) Although nervous..I didn't let it get the best of me...this is what I do, right? My energy exuded the room, even people with regular clothes participated. Cueing was on point and the team didn't miss a beat!!! This was my first Solo event to represent our brand, Hip Hop HIITs ®️ without LaTosha (@pardiofitness ). Normally I'm working in my primary role as a nurse. Their were amazing and I had a blast! This was a great day to start out my Birthday month. Happy early bday gift to me! ....btw, I normally dont write long post at all! 😂😂😅 Special thanks to @catalinatamez . She is

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