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Good perspective from @danygarciaco on how the life were living supports the physique we want. Every set back is a set up - for the comeback.

My heart is full of gratitude to all of you for rockin with us every season. You made us HBOs highest rated comedy for years and most importantly, you helped create and sustain a platform for other actors to have the OPPORTUNITY to work hard, grow and become household names. To me, the opportunity Ballers created for so many others, is the real gold of our show. I love you, I thank you and enjoy our final season of BALLERS. This SUNDAY on @HBO. @SevenBucksProd

Everyone kindly join me in welcoming @mayalasry as the new CMO for our Seven Bucks Companies. Maya is an immensely talented creative executive whose leadership and experience in building global campaigns will be a strong compliment to our Seven Bucks ethos and companys expansive goals. I expect excellent leadership, execution and big things from her. Welcome to the team, Maya. Lets get to work

Good 2nd week of box office business. $437M worldwide. Nice momentum as we roll into China this coming weekend. Thanks everyone for supporting our lil spin-off known as @hobbsandshaw. @sevenbucksprod

We do. August 18th, 2019. Hawaii. Pmaika妡i (blessed) @laurenhashianofficial@hhgarcia41

Very kind words from my good buddy and all time greatest rivalry in @WWE, the Rattlesnake himself, @steveaustinbsr. We wrestled each other all over the world and Im grateful for every bit of blood and sweat we dropped. If you watch him closely here, you can tell he was and still is a real student of the game. Its why hell always be the GOAT. Good luck with your new show and as always, thanks for the house brother.

Ballers is back in ONE WEEK. Sunday. August 25th. HBO. @sevenbucksprod

Goin past midnight and gettin a late one in. Much needing some church tonight. Onward. Work.

Thank you Korea for making @hobbsandshaw break another franchise record. Not too shabby for our second week of box office biz. The Struts into Korea had me chuckling. Funny visual 綾

Cheers you sexy SOB A very cool honor to have multiple Dwayne Johnsons have a presence at the world renowned @madametussauds. One sexy DJ will have full time residency in London, while the other sexy DJ will travel Asia and the world, starting at . So I invite you all to come hang out with me, take some fun selfies, raise a glass and toast to hard work, gratitude and the words I NEVER hear when people meet me for the first time, I thought youd be bigger, Rock!? Thanks again, Madame Tussauds. Cool honor

Cheers and thank you @usweekly for putting this kid on your cover. Ive travelled a very long road from having $7bucks in my pocket to these pretty amazing headlines. I take nothing for granted and treat success as if it has to be earned every single day. And thanks for calling me, Hollywoods nicest guy, BUT I give that crown to my good buddy @tomhanks - hes much nicer and cusses much less Truth is, its nice to be important, but its more important to be nice. Thanks again. DJ

A massive congrats to our President of @sevenbucksprod, @hhgarcia41 for this outstanding recognition from @variety. Ive known Hiram since I was 18yrs old and he started off as my assistant when we first broke into Hollywood together, filming THE SCORPION KING. From that day, hes never stopped working relentlessly hard, paying his dues to learn every facet of the business from the ground up and has helped shape the foundation, values and ethos of whats now known as Seven Bucks Companies. Hes become a true force, outstanding company leader whos universally respected and admired and TRULY embodies the Seven Bucks principle of always putting the audience first. Congrats H on this historic milestone. Still much work to be done - onward, brother

Bad ass surprise waiting for me in the traveling circus known as the IRON PARADISE this week. Custom @arsenal_strength bilateral leg press with my PROJECT ROCK BULL at the bottom by the handles. Big shout to my good friends - the GOAT @flex_lewis and his Arsenal Strength team for this one 樹返 Slowly but surely Arsenal equipment is taking over my 50,000+ lbs of iron and ego destroyer in my gym. Thanks again gents and with much blood, sweat & respect.

Happy 18th birthday to my first born daughter, SGJ This pic of me holding your hand in the hospital was taken years ago when you were a child and you were knocked out from the anesthesia after surgery. Just me and you alone in the room, kid. I knew then youd never have a recollection of this moment, but I wanted to take this image for what I felt then and what I feel now it represents. As you go out and tackle this big ol world with your dreams, ambitions and hard work, the love youre able to see daily will always guide you. Its your strength. But remember its ALSO the love you never see thats quietly guiding and boundlessly supporting you every step of your journeys way. From us loved ones who are still here, to your loved ones who arent. That love is your MANA. Your spirit, your soul. A big tequila toast to my (who does NOT drink so her father will drink for the both of us 不) and have the happiest of birthdays, SGJ. We love you.

tcb∴ Mahalo @GQ for the King of custom suits title. Thank you to my Italian assassin fashion stylist @ilariaurbinati for the inspired visions while I rock the vibe. Come a long way from turtle necks & fanny packs 丹賤儭

So grateful to everyone for your support and creating this nice momentum for our little spin-off @hobbsandshaw. $333M in just our first week of box office and the movie in the world, again - aint too bad. Thank you for making this such an exciting first week. And remember, the best way to shut the mouth of a 丑 is to flex with success and a smile. 返樹 @sevenbucksprod

Broke out my new tequila for a toast of gratitude and celebration w/ my partners for @hobbsandshaw being the movie in world. Chris Morgan/ producer of Hobbs and Shaw and writer of Fast5, Fast6, Fast7, Fast8 and Hobbs & Shaw. @hhgarcia41/ Producer Hobbs & Shaw and President of @sevenbucksprod Brad Slater/ WME partner & my lead agent. Whether my boots are on the ground or 40,000ft in the air, my appreciation to these gents for their years of hard work for our special project is boundless. @jonbrandoncruz

And smokin still aint allowed in school. @hhgarcia41

Not too bad WEEK 1 of box office business. Thanks everyone around the world for having a great time and supporting our little spin-off known as @hobbsandshaw. Keep on keepin on ~ DJ @sevenbucksprod

Deepening our partnerships within China. Pleasure to spend time with my new partner, Dr. Chanchai, Chairman and founder of Reignwood Group, who acquired majority stake in @vossworld in 2016. The Chairman was accompanied by VP of Reignwood Group, Mrs Please Yan and the companys senior leadership team. As the new kid on the block who recently acquired stake in @vossworld, my temperament is with humility and eagerness to understand our needs for growth within the Chinese market, while participating in China's conversations towards sustainability for a country with close to 1.5 billion residents. Thank you, Dr Chanchai for our time together in Beijing. We look forward to the partnership and accomplishing our goals. Progress thru Humanity.

tcb∴ Thank you, China. Ill see you again down the road. @jonbrandoncruz

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