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Serving the Hazlet and Middletown areas.

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1715 Union Avenue Hazlet, New Jersey

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Hazlet, New Jersey

A hot-air balloon hovering over the horizon is such a picturesque sight. A hot-air balloon landing on your car? Not so much. A customer found that out the hard way when their car was ballooned right into. Luckily, Farmers® covered this highly unusual event. Are you covered? Call me for a quote! Home - Auto - Life - Business - Pets - Boats 732-264-7000

Hazlet, New Jersey

If you involved in a hunting or drowning accident If a friend is hurt on your property If you are involved in a serious car accident Any one of these incidents could lead to a settlement or judgement that could be devastating to your family's finances. Protecting yourself with additional liability insurance is smart because it... Fills the gaps Protects your assets Pays legal expenses It's Affordable! Ken O'Brien 732-264-7000

Hazlet, New Jersey

Is your business in good hands? Protect the financial future of your family and your business. For a quote for your Auto, Business, Homeowner, Renters, or Life Insurance, please feel free to contact us. We have a Market where we can shop your quotes for the best rates that will meet your needs and we look forward to saving you Money! Call us today at 732-264-7000.

Hazlet, New Jersey

A dog riding a jetski? Why not? And we can insure them both. Ask us about Pet Insurance and Watercraft Insurance before bringing your best friend on the water. 732-264-7000

No squirrels were harmed. Can't say the same for the neighbor's car. Brought to you by Farmers Insurance® Farmers claims rep Marla L. Had this interesting claim came in: A customer’s two dogs spotted a squirrel—and a chase scene ensued. “The squirrel darted into the closest safe spot, which happened to be the engine compartment of the neighbor’s 2007 Honda,” Marla says. This is where it would be wise to mention the customer’s dog breeds: a St. Bernard and Golden Retriever. Not the world’s smallest dogs. “The car was like a giant chew toy for these two,” she says. “They chewed the tires, the hood, the bumpers—they really did a number on the bumpers—and there were scratches all over.” The Resolution: Through the dog owner’s homeowners liability policy, Farmers covered the repairs to the neighbor’s damaged car, plus the cost of a rental car while the dog-stroyed vehicle was out of commission. There’s no word on a possible rematch. Home - Auto - Life - Business - Pets 732-264-7000

Hazlet, New Jersey

Is your home insured? Whether you rent or own your home, a fire or flood can destroy everything in minutes. Can you afford to replace all your belongings? If not, call me! Home - Auto - Life - Business - Pets 732-264-7000

Are you the best driver in your family? Are you ready to prove it with Signal by Farmers®. Signal is an app that provides you with insights on your driving habits and patterns and can earn you discounts! Lets the competition begin! Home - Auto - Life - Business - Pets 732-264-7000

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