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Jennifer Grace

Founder @elcycervintage

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Ocean Beach, San Diego

There’s a body in my Chanel bag @elcycervintage

Burberry and Chanel via eBay @ebayfashion

Chanel spring 1993 briefs and fall 1994 water bottle holder from my shop @elcycervintage 💦

🧟‍♀️ Wearing archive Chanel from my shop @elcycervintage

Chanel side packs via eBay @ebayfashion

🖤🖤 @elcycervintage 🖤🖤

Scorpios are loyal 💉 @elcycervintage

Self-portrait in this spring 1994 Vivienne Westwood corset in a printed 'Hercules and Omphale' by François Boucher, 1735. Swipe right for the original artwork that inspired this piece @elcycervintage

Girly for a day @elcycervintage 🌸

My Vintage Heart

Wearing Chanel '94, '97, '19, '92, and '96 respectively via @elcycervintage 🤪

Check out my Dior DIY hack over at @elcycervintage

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