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by @JustinaBlakeney & Co. Bring good vibes home. Join the jungaliciousness🌿🌞✌🏽🏡 Get inspired, shop, and decorate wild!

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The lungs of the earth are in flames. The Brazilian Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world and it’s vital for us all. It is home to more than 1 million Indigenous people and 3 million species and is a critical piece to the global climate solution. We will be donating 25% of all profits in our shop today (Friday 8/23) to the @RainforestAlliance. Please help to spread the word about this crisis and donate if you can. 🙏🏽🌿💚

Fact or fiction? Sleeping with plants in your bedroom is bad for your health. Tell us what you think!👇🏾 🌿🍃🌿🌱 . . (We say FICTION!!)

Overwatering is probably the reason houseplants die, and that is largely due the fact that very few indoor plant pots have drainage. Plant health is connected to root health, and when plant roots sit in a puddle of water at the bottom of the pot, the roots rot and the plant dies. For years we have wanted to develop an indoor decorative planter that helped to kept plants healthy, and friends, she’s finally here. Meet the Kaya 3-Piece planter! This limited-edition planter WITH drainage holes comes in 4 solid colors and 3 striped colorways and she’s a real honey. These went live last night and are already selling quickly so don’t delay if you want Kaya in your life-a 😅🌿😘🙏🏽

When you’ve landed in Paradiso, but it’s actually your bed. Our Paradiso quilt set in the home of @kellychlevy 🥰🦢✨

It’s tea time in our jungalicious lounge! Swipe 👉🏽to see how we created this space around the rug YOU chose (Priti Pink Sunset)!

Are Sundays all about sleeping in at your casa? 😴Or are they for tending to the plant babies? 🌵🌿🌱

@pixelpann giving us MAJOR(ELLE) color & botanical inspo😉🔷🌵Where do you get your color inspo? Leave us your tips in the comments! 👇🏽

One room, three quilts! Which quilt works best in this room? 1.) Prosperity ✨ 2.) Paradiso 🦢 3.) Kahelo 💗

We are super excited (as always) about the next round of dreamy + colorful prints from @maheswarijanarthanan — swipe through and tell us which one is your favorite! 🥰✨🤩 all of these prints are available exclusively in our online shop!

Bringing that sunshine all year round! Our new Ayo wallpaper is here! 🌞🌞🌞

It’s amazing what a dose of green will do, huh? Swipe to see what this space looked like before we greenified it! (Design: @justinablakeney, photo: @davidtsay for @housebeautiful, paint color is Breakfast Room Green by @farrowandball, bar stools are from @modernica and backsplash tile is Zellige tile from @badiadesign)

I walked the long way from our local coffee spot to get home, and came across this magnificence reminding me, yet again, that taking the longer or less visited path can yield surprising, exciting and unexpected results. Changing up small things in a routine can help free up creativity and spark new ideas. It’s good to remember to step out of our comfort zones and go explore! Also I had no idea that the schefflera had such incredible rainbow berries!!

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