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The game empire* created by Jeremy Nigh & Justin Wilson. Basically 2 nerds who create board games together! Support our awesome kickstarter ⬇⬇⬇

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Here is a gorgeous picture from the Onslaught Instruction Manual that are coming out of our final edits/update phase! Very soon we will be sending these to print and it will be mailed to you directly from friends over at so make sure to get your fulfillment survey all filled out!

Boise, Idaho

Look what arrived in the mail today! T-shirts!!! Woo hoo another step closer to the Onslaught Kickstarter Fulfillment!

Boise, Idaho

Progression of a character from concept to final! ONSLAUGHT kickstarter fulfillment is moving smoothly. More updates to come out soon

I hope this helps improve your eyesight!

Boise, Idaho

Hello from Gem State Gaming Con! Drop by and say hey! Lots of great gaming in going on here (D&D to board games and more!). We've got ONSLAUGHT here too and we'd love to play with you.

Check out our latest addition into the ONSLAUGHT game! Introducing Ophelia The Bard! Her beautiful art and quite useful re-roll ability will lend its power to the battles raging across Vael over possession of the Divine Crystals! Stay tuned for more updates as we head towards Kickstarter fulfillment! Special thanks to our Stark Raving Mad Backer Mike for making this card come to life and for helping our game be that much better! :)

Funded!!! We've had our initial goal on our game onslaught! Now let's get some of those awesome stretch goals in and make this game more awesome! Link in Bio!

Boise, Idaho

When you've been working on a card game for a year-and-a-half, eventually the art starts looking like you...Barbarian Cosplay! Make sure to check out ONSLAUGHT's Kickstarter:

Boise, Idaho

As the cavalry charge into battle all fear and tremble as death rides forward! Here are some great character art from our game ONSLAUGHT! Check out the Kickstarter Link here or on our bio!

Boise, Idaho

Check out these awesome Kickstarter Exclusive Cards for ONSLAUGHT! They're total awesome! Check the campaign out here:

Boise, Idaho

Sorry Gerard Butler, but we'd prefer an army of 300 of our spearman instead! Onslaught Kickstarter is now live! Link:

Boise, Idaho

We are at 70% to being funded! We have the best fans ever! If you haven't already checked out our Kickstarter, please do! Help us get all the way to funded & beyond to the awesome stretch goals! Link in bio and here:

Boise, Idaho

Nurses everywhere* agree that if they had "time" ( if😂) They'd def play Onslaught!!!! Kickstarter out now! Link in bio. *a huge exaggeration.... "time": a mythical event where nurses get to eat lunch and go to the bathroom... (See also: wishful thinking, affordable healthcare, and unicorns!)

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