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In this new limited edition, THE WORLD, Michael Poliza opens his digital treasure chest to reveal previously unpublished images from all seven continents. Like a true photographic world tour, we travel with him to Australia and New Zealand, to Vietnam and Myanmar, to the west of the USA and north to Canada, to the Galapagos Islands and Bolivia, across the Antarctic and the many lands of Africa 🌍 ---- 🔎 Link in bio ⤴️ • • • Photo © @mpoliza

Atlanta, Georgia

EXPRESS YOURSELF, ATLANTA USA - Spanning the worlds of interiors, furniture, fashion, and graphics, @clairebingham_design‘s design book, “More is More”, explores how the rule-breaking Memphis aesthetic continues to shape the modern creative scene. ----- 🔎 Link in bio ✨ • • • Photo © Jessica Antola

Chocolate contains an enticing series of carefully selected and mostly unpublished works shot by @lagrangemarc on Polaroid 100 Chocolate film, such as this photograph called ‘Semi Sweet’. ----- 🔎 Link in bio ✨ • • • Photo © 2019 Marc Lagrange. All rights reserved.’s photographic journey takes us all over the truly blue planet to remind us that water is never just water but a whole universe of diversity and beauty. ----- 🔎 Link in bio 🌊 • • • Photos © Rudi Sebastian

Whether a sports car or mega yacht, a weekender bag or a boutique hotel, editor Michael Görmann selects the best the world can offer the modern cosmopolitan man. Age is irrelevant; the boys’ toys just get bigger, or more exclusive. The new and revised edition of “ULTIMATE TOYS FOR MEN” is out now! ----- 🔎 Link in bio ✨ • • • Photo © Automobili Lamborghini;

In Before They Were Famous, the New York City-based multidisciplinary artist @daviddrebin gathers his best images of world-famous celebrities, before they became household names as well as many of his other most famous images and his highly recognizable style that have been showcased in Galleries and Art Fairs all over the world. This compilation makes the book a delightful and fascinating collection of pre-digital era Polaroids and contact sheets. With this captivating line up, Drebin not only offers an intimate and original look at now world-famous celebrities, but also shares his own career beginnings presenting images before they were showcased globally. ----- 🔎 Link in bio • • • Photo © Dan Ebert

With his camera ever on hand, Michael Poliza does not only want to experience the beauty of the planet, but also to make it accessible to all. Only a few more weeks until the release of his newest book THE WORLD 🎉 ---- 🔎 Link in bio • • • Photo: @mpoliza

In “More is More”, @clairebingham_design revisits the period’s free-thinking mind-set and whisks us away on a crazy and colorful journey: in exciting essays, interviews, and stories about home decor, artists and designers from around the world share how Memphis continues to inspire and enrich their work. Out now 🍋 ----- 🔎 Link in bio! • • • Photo © Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel

The much-anticipated sequel to “Ultimate Toys for Men” by Michael Görmann includes a dazzling array of slick new gadgets for guys, handmade beauties, customizable accessories, and all manner of luxuries to rent, buy, and experience will be available soon! Special features cover the "Brands by Hands", "Best Places to Rent", “Best of Mallorca”, and “Best Collector's Items". ----- 🔎 Link in bio 💥 • • •

Phang Nga Bay

@mpoliza is more than a seasoned globetrotter who has traveled through almost 170 countries. He is also a collector of the world, always on the lookout for breathtaking landscapes, remote regions, and intact nature reserves. His newest masterpiece, THE WORLD, is available as of October ✨ ---- 🔎 Link in bio • • • Photo: @mpoliza

Our “Contemporary Design Review” is a book about beautiful things—and an amazing opportunity to embark on a new journey every time you turn a page: to the most fascinating houses on this planet, to places with ideal light or to the world of outstanding interior design. Available in August. ---- 🔎 Link in bio ☝️ • • •

Île de la Cité

The Île de la Cité is an island in the river—and the oldest part of Paris. On top of that, it is also a fantastic photo op. ---- • • • 🔎 PARIS by @photoserge, link in bio ramelli Photo © 2019 Serge Ramelli

“Greco Disco” by @lukeedwardhall is a kaleidoscopic and visually-inspiring volume that will transport readers to the colorful and eclectic world of the young British art and design mega talent. Out now. ----- 🔎Link in bio ✨ • • • Credits: Artwork © 2019 Luke Edward Hall. All rights reserved. Photographs of slippers courtesy of Stubbs & Wootton and Clouds (c.1822) by John Constable (painted sky background)

6am and flying over the Caribbean on a dark April morning. Breathtaking photographs of thunder, lightning, storms, and other natural phenomena, captured by pilot Santiago Borja from his cockpit. ----- 🔎 Link in bio • • • Photo: @santiagoborja

New York, New York

Lauren, photographed by @stefanrappo in New York, USA in 2016. His coffee table book “Nude” strikes an intriguing note between intimacy and distance. ----- 🔎 Link in bio ☝️ • • • Photo © @stefanrappo

The stunning , photographed by @vincentpeters1. His images are defined by their precision, love of detail, and an exquisite lighting that lifts his images beyond fast-moving trends into something timeless and iconic. ----- 🔎 Link in bio ✨ • • • Photo © @vincentpeters1

The French philosopher René Descartes maintained that animals were mere machines that lacked consciousness. Today, however, it is known that the areas of the brain that distinguish humans from other animals are not the ones responsible for consciousness. Paradoxically, although we now recognize consciousness in animals, we continue to treat them as simple goods to eat and trade. This is why @pjarquek tries to raise our awareness of the beauty and diversity of the natural world through his photographs. ----- 🔎 Link in bio • • • Photo © Pedro Jarque Krebs

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