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COOKIE DOUGH PROTEIN BROWNIES 🍪🌱 I have the biggest sweet tooth lately! All I want to eat is chocolate 🍫 😅 Geoff rarely approves of my attempts at baking “healthy” treats but he’s already packed some of these babies for work tomorrow... so they must be good 😜 They are a nice little decadent chocolate hit with a good little kick of protein. Using my favourite @bulknutrients Vanilla Earth Protein. Details: Ingredients- Chocolate Base; ✖️1 Cup of Self Raising Flour ✖️1/2 Cup of Cacao ✖️1 scoop of Earth Protein ✖️1 Mashed Banana ✖️1/4 Cup of Maple Syrup ✖️1/4 Cup of Coconut Oil (melted) ✖️1/2 Cup of Soy Milk Cookie Top; ✖️1 Cup of Self Raising Flour ✖️1 scoop of Vanilla Earth Protein ✖️1/4 Cup of Almond Butter ✖️1/2 Cup of Soy Milk ✖️6 Fresh Medjool Dates ✖️1/4 Cup Water ✖️1/2 Cup of Dairy Free Choc Chips 1. Preheat oven at 180 c and line a small baking tin. CHOCOLATE BASE: 2. Combine all dry ingredients from chocolate base in a mixing bowl and slowly stir in wet ingredients. Mix until well combined into a thick batter. 3. Pour chocolate layer into cake tin. And set aside. COOKIE LAYER: 4. Combine all ingredients from cookie layer (except the choc chips) in a food processor. Blend until well combined. 5. Fold in choc chips. 6. Spread cookie layer on top of chocolate layer and pop in the oven to bake for 15-20mins.

🎥 MOVEMENT 💪🏻 Starting my day with a little ‘Maintenance’ routine from the Train with Tanya App before hitting up some conditioning in the gym. Details: 30 seconds work. 10 seconds rest. 2 Rounds. ✖️Slow Kick Sits ✖️Side Plank Hip Abductions (es) ✖️Lateral Bird Dog (es) ✖️90 90 Hip Thrusts ✖️Kickstand Hip Thrusts (es) ✖️Loaded Scap Pulls Pregnant mamas be mindful this is not necessarily suitable for everyone. I will discuss why in my stories. We do weekly Maintenance workouts on the Train With Tanya App to supplement the rest of our training 👌🏻 Remember the small stuff compliments the big stuff 💃🏻 Tap the link in my bio to download on iTunes OR sign up to join my Android waitlist 📲 Song: Prophet by King Princess 👑


🎥FULL BODY WORK 💪🏻 Still working through some weighted sessions. These sessions are now less about PROGRESS and more about MAINTENANCE. The focus for me know is on keeping the joints healthy through stability work and maintaining that mind muscle connection for when I get back into training once bub comes! Details: Focus set: 6 Minute EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) ✖️10 Trap bar Deadlifts Accessories: 40 secs work. 20 secs rest. 3 rounds. ✖️Waiter Squats ✖️Single Leg RDL plus Row (es) ✖️Rack Marches ✖️Bridge Press Note: The weight I’m using is a lot lighter than what my body is used to. Form is everything when focusing on maintenance - so we’re not reinforcing bad habits. Song: Have it all by Cosmos Midnight

We’re back 👋🏻 Just poppin’ in to show how ya big we’re getting 🤰🏻 Sorry for the little hiatus.. I had the last week off training thanks to a little head cold and gave myself a little social media holiday while I was at it. Feels good to get back into some movement! I’m keeping my sessions short and sweet at the moment. Just something that gets me energised and ready for the day. My energy has been coming in waves and fatigue hits me like a wall... I’m pretty much useless after 5pm 😴 Wearing @adidasau

Wollongong, New South Wales

🎥 BANDED WORK 💪🏻 Here’s a little “pre-pregnancy” band work as a little contrast to the workout I posted on the weekend 😄👌🏻 If you’ve never done these drills before or struggle with knee and hip tracking try stepping it out first so it’s less dynamic. Details: Each move in 30 seconds on. 20 seconds rest. 3 rounds. ✖️Icky Shuffle ✖️Bound with High Knees (try this without travelling or band first) ✖️180 Steps ✖️Quick Feet ✖️Squat Jack Cross Jack If you do choose to use a band... go LIGHT. You want to be in control. Build a strong base and learn how to move well with my ‘Fresh on the Circuit’ and ‘Bodyweight Boss’ programs on my Train With Tanya App. Tap the link in my bio to download on iTunes OR sign up to join my Android waitlist 📲 Song: Check up on it by Beyoncé

Me and my side kick waiting patiently for the newest member of our gang 👶🏻 pregnant this week and we haven’t started our baby shopping 😅 In my defence I’ve been doing a lot of research trying to find the best quality products that will last... hopefully for future babies 😜 I also want to make sure we don’t fall trap to clever marketing and buy a whole bunch of stuff we don’t need! If you’re a parent... I’d LOVE your insight! What are your MUST HAVES for baby? OR what did you buy that you DIDN’T NEED? Comment below 👇🏻 I’m keen to hear what you think 🙌🏻 Ps. My dress is another Maternity gem from @legoeheritage (I’ve popped a close up on my story).

🎥MORNING MINI BAND WORK 💪🏻 A little full body activation with the mini band to start the weekend 👌🏻 The key with these movements is to keep the tension on the band throughout. Control the band... don’t let it control you 😜 Details: Try each movement for 30s with 10s recovery. 3 Rounds. ✖️Squat to Toes ✖️Banded Skater (es) ✖️Cuffed Rows ✖️Two Way Squat (es) ✖️Bent Over Row Singles (es) These movements will help fire up the glutes, shoulders, upper back and core 💃🏻 Ps. I apologise for my old lady dancing arms in the second clip.. they come out every time I do skaters (I can’t help it 😅). Song: Never Seen the Rain by Tonnes and I

VEGAN MAC AND CHEEZE 👌🏻 with a healthy twist 🌱 This recipe got me through my first trimester when all I wanted was carbs (and was hating on vegetables 😅). I’m currently building a bank of some of my favourite, quick and easy recipes to add to the Train With Tanya app. I think this one will be a perfect addition🙌🏻. Details: ✖️1 Medium Sweet Potato ✖️6 Tablespoons Nutritional Yeast ✖️1 Cup Soy Milk ✖️1 teaspoon Salt ✖️1 teaspoon Pepper ✖️1 teaspoon Garlic Powder ✖️Squeeze of Lemon Juice ✖️200g Pasta ✖️1 Onion ✖️1 Cup of Frozen Peas ✖️10 Button Mushrooms *Optional Cashew Parmesan and Hemp Seeds for topping. 1. Peel, chop and steam sweet potato until soft. 2. Combine; cooked sweet potato, soy milk, yeast, salt, pepper, garlic powder and lemon juice in blender or food processor and blend until smooth. 3. Boil water and cook pasta, drain when soft. 4. Chop onion, mushrooms, peas and cook them in a frypan. 5. Mix all ingredients together in frypan and serve with cashew parmesan and hemp seeds. My cashew parmesan recipe is just one of many recipes you can find on my app 📱 Head to the link in my bio for details.

Wollongong, New South Wales

🎥 LEG WORKOUT 💪🏻 Yesterday’s session was all about loading the legs and glutes 👌🏻 As the load and volume starts to drop it becomes all about the tempo. Slowing it down to get the burn. Details: Set One: 20x Banded Hip Thrusts 10x Staggered Stance RDL (es) 3 Rounds Set Two: 10x Narrow Squat 10x Single Leg Box Squat (es) 3 Rounds. Set Three: 20x Banded Step Overs 10x Step Ups (es) 3 Rounds. Made Geoff do this session with me and we’re both feeling it today 😄 Song: Heavy Hearted by The Jungle Giants

Port Kembla, New South Wales

Swapping hill sprints for hill walks these days. I’ve been choosing the hilliest route for my afternoon walks to add a little extra intensity 👌🏻 Keeping these legs nice and strong to carry us as we grow🤰🏻 Wearing the new @adidasau 19 👟😍

🎥 MOVEMENT 💪🏻 No Equipment Necessary 👌🏻 Throwing it back to some of my “pre-pregnancy” training. These body weight sessions of mine were mainly focused on positioning rather than ‘speed’... finding a flow through the movements. They are usually more dynamic than my loaded sessions which helps get the heart rate up. Details: 60 seconds work. 20 seconds recovery. 3 rounds. ✖️Snap Up Double ✖️Shoulder Tap Kick Sit ✖️Single Leg Squat (es) ✖️SU Crab Taps ✖️Wide Climber Cossacks Build a strong base and learn how to move well with my ‘Fresh on the Circuit’ and ‘Bodyweight Boss’ programs on my Train With Tanya App. Tap the link in my bio to download on iTunes OR sign up to join my Android waitlist 📲

Same year, same bikini, same body.... but a little different 🤰🏻 It’s amazing how quickly our bodies can transform. Naturally equipped with all the mechanisms to grow, nourish, protect and house a little human 👶🏻 and counting

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