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Grace-filled Living. ⋒ Lifestyle Blogger. Wife to @nealjolly & business owner: @forsuchatimeshop Podcast: @jollyeverafterpodcast ❁ Blog:

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Ready to fill up your cup? 👉👉swipe through this collection of words I lean in to daily. You’re right where you’re meant to be, guided all along the way. Trust🌻💫✨ (credit to my constant source of inspiration: @morganharpernichols)

This summer we’ve been working on ourselves ✨ Working on projects quietly ✨ Working on our relationship ✨ Working on those dreams God placed on our hearts ✨ Working on our joint podcast @jollyeverafterpodcast ✨ Working on forgiveness & grace for others ✨ Working on becoming the people He created us to be ✨ Things that are worth it take work: your career, your relationships and your dreams. We don’t just wake up one day and have them (or the way we’d like), it takes time, mistakes, Grace and showing up everyday. It’s a choice. What are you choosing right now? I’m choosing to give myself the time and space to work through and on projects and lessons I have to learn while giving myself grace. I choose my husband everyday @nealjolly and I choose joy as my metric for success ✨

Restoration Hardware -Yorkdale

Monday Uniform = skirts & sneakers. Being self-employed I love structuring my week out where I can ease in: I usually do errands/emails on a day like today, then content creation mid-week & we usually end off with something fun. It’s seriously my favourite part about this job (getting to design our days). What’s something you love about Monday? The fresh start? I know it’s easy to groan, but staying grateful helps us in the pursuit of contentment, so what’s good in your life today? 👇👇👇comment below! . Outfit details: skirt @aritzia similar styles & the rest of my look linked in the app: Leopard Satin Skirt (similar options below) ✨

Indigo Bay Bloor

A book that’s impacted you the most - GO! 👇 It can be anything! Self-development, fiction, faith, comment down below, I want to hear your reccs. Real talk: Anyone still get lost in a book anymore or do all we do now is listen to podcasts/audio books? 😜 I still love the bookstore and holding a physical copy.📚 . P.S. this dress I wore on my birthday linked here (it has tiny hearts all over it and so flowy):

29 🎂✨ Grateful for another trip around the sun to grow and evolve. Entering into this last year of my 20’s, it’s sort of bittersweet. I enter this year grateful, knowing I am loved & that grace carries me through every single day. This last year hasn’t been the easiest - it’s probably challenged me the most, but like I’ve always known of God, He is going to use all of it for my good. I’m sharing a bit more of a vulnerable post with 29 things I’ve learned in my 29 years (head to the link in my bio) on my blog today - can anyone relate to on the list? 😳 Thank you for the encouragement you all pour into me everyday. Forever grateful ❤️

Leave me a 🌞✨ if you’re not ready to let go of summer just yet! . Makeup I used linked here: in the app 💋 *loving the @tartecosmetics sea collection* . Shades I used listed below 👇 Foundation & Concealer: “Light Medium Honey” Powder: “Medium Beige” Eye Palette: “Bahamas” Lipstick: “Salt Lyfe” Lip Gloss: “Pink Sands” Blush: “Swish”

Mini Condo Tour 👉👉 swipe, swipe! Excited to change things up around here with a few updates 👀 One of the things that brings me a lot of joy is styling and decorating spaces, especially our own. Call it my expensive hobby 🤣 What type of decor posts would you like to see? 👇 Comment below! . Decor linked here:

Which leopard look was your fave from the summer? Talking about why this print is my FAVE for transitioning from summer to fall (yes I’m talking fall, just a few tips, but still hanging on to summer) 🐆🐆🐆 These aren’t even all the leopard looks I’ve worn this summer 🙈😍❤️ Who else has the same problem? 🙋‍♀️ Link in bio. . . Outfit details linked here:

Malibu, California

For all these gritty things spinning wild from her control, she knows that there is freedom and wellness for her soul - MHN 🌻 Faith is what we believe about God. It shows the reality of what we hope for. Sometimes my lack of faith is stronger and today I was reminded about all the things I can believe God for and why I can trust Him in anything. Pray those prayers even when you don’t feel like it. Your miracle is waiting on the other side 🌙✨

Huntington Beach, California

If you invite me over, I will probably try to steal your dog. 😌 Missing this little teddy bear @dognamedchurro 🐻 What kind of dog do you have? (so I know if I wanna come over 😜) comment below if you got a pooch! . Outfit details in the app:

Loved catching up over lunch + coffee with my bestie @annawithlove today 👯‍♀️ She’s always been an encourager & a Grace-giver in my life and if you’ve followed me for a while you know her & I have been friends since we both started our blogs years ago. I love having a genuine friendship, especially in this industry that we can navigate together through the ups and downs, but it’s never been about just work in our relationship, this girl has loved me fiercely and been there with me through so, so much. Grateful this community brought her in my life ❤️ aaaand that’s my sappy post of the day 😜 In other news, my fave leopard shorts for summer (that feel as comfy as pjs) are on sale for under $20! Linked em up in the app with some similar sweaters👩‍💻🙋‍♀️🐆👌

Huntington Beach, California

Beach or pool? 😎 I’m a beach girl 🙋‍♀️ These colourful striped linen pants are perfect for a beach vacation. 🍭Sharing this look & my summer to-do list on the blog today! Link in bio. 🏖 .

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