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Alex St. Pierre

Pointing convex glass at something and seeing if it’ll share its secrets//📸📽//LA//PDX//Civilian

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Alex,Josh,Joey,&Dorian//Just a bunch of rail skaters... 😂😂//Portland

Throwback Me//Party wave party time//Portland First time showing photos...couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity @partywavepdx 📸: @portlandspretty

Dorian//Blood &Sweat, but no least not yet//Portland

Kyle in Light//Stillness of limbs, I am hardly what I say I am, I’ve imagined you, 100 pennies underneath my tongue, and my soft dumb heart grows stale at the thought of it//Portland

Death of Summer//It’s cold without an overcoat, and the telephone is broken, and the line is dead, trouble with transmission, trouble in the wind, trouble on my problem page, looks like the end//Short Sands

Squadded up//Saturday is for the boys....that’s what the people are saying right?//Portland (repost # like 8, but who’s counting) 📸: @dorianwarneck let’s do this again soon

Pops&Tiny me//Always been a Beach rat apparently//Goleta (thanks mom)

Kyle,Taylor,Geller&Me//Now taking suggestions for our band name//Portland

Blurree Me//I am needing this from you tonight, your side, your dark side, I want you to to off the light, your side, your dark side, pain, I love pain...pain breaks rhythm//Portland 📸: @daniel.hare

Sava&Me (again)//In our natural habitats//Portland 📸: @dorianwarneck Lovers, Feb. 2020

Shop Pup//I’m growing old and I wanna go home, I’m growing old and I don’t wanna know, Black eyed dog he called at my door, the black eyed dog he called for more//Long Beach

Lincoln High School (Portland, Oregon)

Aidan//Even when things go wrong, he ends up making it look good//Portland Thinking about potentially starting a new I crazy? Please, someone tell me, I can’t tell anymore

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