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Let’s TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE! •Family Man •Fitness Motivator •Weight loss solutions to help you gain life.

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No weights? No problem! Need an extra pump? I GOT YOU! Need Low Impact? Try this! Hotel with no gym? Don’t worry! Try this 10 min workout 🏋️‍♀️ to get you pumped! Repeat the last sequence to make it a full 10 min. Go to for more of my workouts in under 30min!

Cedar Point

I love rollercoasters so much! Thank you @teamshaunt for going on this last of the summer adventure! 😁👉What’s your summertime happy place?

...because what we don’t do is GIVE UP!

I wanted to open up and share with you some of the struggles that I’ve had on my mind and how I’m transitioning through it. A lot of people are afraid to share their internal weaknesses but not me! I realize that as you grow, you must continue to evolve into whatever feels best for your life. And with that growth comes change! So I ask, are you struggling with making a change in your life? If so, share it below to open up the conversation!

Robinswood Tennis Center

Trophy Sunday! I’m so excited to bring home my very first 1st place 🏆 tennis trophy! Of course @scottphotobombs is the best doubles partner ever! He also took 1st place in singles! Last year we got second place in this same tournament. It pays to keep on trying! Swipe to see the joy 😁😄😃

21 months ago today, these two little munchkins were born and man, we had no idea what fatherhood would be like! While we still aren’t pros, (and never will be) we are super happy that we’ve learned a lot more about love, patience, understanding, leadership and learning. In addition, we are just super happy that we can call ourselves a family and that these two little boys are thriving and living their best lives!

If donuts are problem for you just eat them! Something to make you smile on this Good Friday! 🍩😁 ***To learn this dance checkout my CIZE workout at

Just making sure everything’s ok this morning before I eat these donuts! 🤣 ***STAY TUNED

Seattle, Washington

I had so much fun last week with the @bulletproof team and @daveasprey touring their HQ, trying new recipes, biohacking and learning more about their company! In addition to already regularly using their products, it made me even more excited to join their team as a Brand Ambassador to see the enthusiasm for helping others live healthier that’s embedded in their team and culture! Stay tuned! More amazing stuff to come from me and the @bulletproof team!

Lake Washington

It’s a hot girl summer! 🎶 Where my hot girls at? Give me 🔥 if you’re a hot girl or if you got one!! @nickiminaj @theestallion

My hands aren’t full. My ♥️ is!! 📸 @tedescophotography

425 Fitness Redmond

Sweat is like an iceberg. It only tells 10% of the story! It’s a product of the work that happened on the inside! If you connect to the entire story, you will continue to PowerUp! Thank you fitfam and @powerupsnacks for making this event possible! Portland, we will see you tomorrow morning! 📸 @tedescophotography

425 Fitness Redmond

Half on-Half off but on “The Rise!” One workout down in Seattle and like I always say, the work doesn’t begin until you get tired! So let’s go!!!

Kirkland, Washington

Precious moments like these will be engrained in my heart forever! 🙋🏽‍♂️I’ll hug you if you need one too ☺️

He’s my favorite human on the entire planet! Tag yours! ♥️ 🌈 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦

Kirkland, Washington

The only way you get your kid to stop saying, “Life Jacket! Drive the boat” is to let grandma take charge of the witching hour. Oh, and while Silas is very content, Sander refuses to let us take off his life jacket!

What are you going to this week to unleash your power? 📝 Think about it: Your comment below just might motivate and help that one person that needs to know where to begin. 👀 📖

People say it’s hard. I say, you’re strong enough to make it easy! Challenge yourself with this 7min BEAST!

The only workout that will ever make me feel like this! ANY GUESSES⁉️ Video coming later 🎥

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