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📍 Chicago 🧥 Classic style 💄 Everyday beauty 🏡 Home renovations 👋🏻 side hustle: @shoponethird 👀 IG stories for BTS of fashion, food, and motherhood

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Chicago, Illinois

My go-to when I’m crunched for time: white silk blouse, jeans, and a low bun (could be wet, could be unwashed hair—you never know). Any shoe will work with this combo but there’s something about a kitten heel that says, “this is intentional and I’m trying today.” 📸 @ironandhoney

Chicago, Illinois

Whether you’ve been following along for awhile or you’re new here, I hope you’ve picked up on one thing: I love to mix high and low. A $20 dress worn with a $3000 bag? It’s my favorite. Of course, I love high-end brands and investment pieces, but sometimes I just want a cute, inexpensive thrill (and funny enough, I end up keeping pieces like those the longest). Sharing this look and five pieces under $20 on the blog today with @walmart.

Chicago, Illinois

Another hot summer day, another cami with a stick-on bra.

West Loop Neighborhood

Made it to the city twice in one day! That’s gotta be some sort of record.

Winnetka, Illinois

My favorite season is upon us: jacket season. Why do you think we launched @shoponethird? It’s the best layer. Click on over to check out the IG stories on thag account. Our amazing intern and I styled jacket 01 for fall—I think you’ll enjoy it. (And we DO have new styles coming for fall!) PS I didn’t cut my hair into a pixie—low buns just make me look like a colonial man sometimes.

Been living in flowy dresses lately and while I’m not mad about it, I have a hankering for jeans and a silk blouse. That feeling isn’t quite strong enough to wish away summer (seriously, I’m not ready for fall yet) but rather something I’m excited like six weeks. This top is old cinq a sept but I found a handful of great silk blouses here 👉🏻 👖

Winnetka, Illinois

Back to reality after a little August holiday. About 10 days ago, we journeyed go Ohio to see my mom, all my siblings, and my niece and nephews (aka the Derkin cousin convention). This photo is from the night before we left for our trip abroad. We then left the kids at Camp Grandparents and jetted off to Spain where we had an awesome five days. But don’t worry—the kids had a great week and went to the zoo, swam with their cousins, and even went to Cedar Point! 🎢 Now, we’re back in Chicago where I’m about a lifetime behind on everything and my house is a mess so I’ll be buckling down with some coffee for the next few days. I’m proud to say that while I brought my computer with me to Spain, I didn’t use it—now that’s a holiday. PS You all have loved these @hm dresses (Yes, I have two @hm dresses in the same color way). If your size is sold out online, check your local store! There were a ton of these when I bought them a couple weeks ago.

Chicago, Illinois

My hair is a weird combination of stick straight, with dry ends (because I color it) but I also can't go too long without washing it. So, I need something with moisture to prevent breakage but it can't be too heavy that it weighs down my naturally straight hair. I've been using Nexxus Therappe & Humectress shampoo & conditioner to rehydrate and smooth my hair which makes it prime for styling--I almost always use a curling iron on my hair. I've been using Nexxus shampoos off and on since high school and I love its accessible price point--but mostly, I love how it makes my hair look. @nexxusnysalon 📸 @ironandhoney

Port de Sóller

What a whirlwind trip it’s been! Yes, three weeks in Europe would’ve been ideal but we made the most of the time we had and it was perfect. We don’t often get away without the kids in tow, but this was a special trip. ...And I’m already daydreaming of bringing them back here someday (maybe when we CAN do a 3-week Euro Summer Tour).

Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa

I swear, @amazon did not sponsor this trip. In fact, I only bought three items from there prior to this leaving—they’ve just been worn a lot this week, I guess. When a coverup/mumu is as cute as this, though, and only $27, it’s going to get a lot of love. I actually was sent the wrong color but I’m loving the peacocks! 🦚

Port de Sóller

We used to travel a lot when it was just the two of us—it’s a little harder these days (👦🏼👦🏼)but grateful we were able to make the trek to this magical place, even for a short time. Notice the yellow Amazon dress? She made her debut on a boat 😎

Port de Sóller

Love is going out on a kayak when it’s not really your thing. But even more than that, it’s carrying your spouse’s purse for them. Love you, @wisnieet 😬❤️

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