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Each month Sean Arawjo and Dave Trum interview and collaborate on new music with one of their talented friends, colleagues, or musical heroes!

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@mormolyke of @theboghousepodcast invited us to "take a seat" in the Boghouse and we finally took her up on it! Hear what we played, sang, and talked about on Episode 24!

It's always a pleasure to have @beephonkmeow in the podcast studio! Episode 23 was no exception!

Geoff Giordano joins us on Episode 22 and we jam on some of his music, create possibly the coolest version of our theme ever, and indulge in a little nerd-dom by covering that theme!

On episode 21 we venture way outside our comfort zone, dipping our toes into the hip hop world and relinquishing control to our first guest producer Stephen Kokas!

Episode 20 with our old friend (and probably our biggest fan) @pardothepianoman was the perfect way to round out NYC trip '18! We had a fascinating discussion and explored very diverse sound worlds in our improvisations.

New York, New York

Flute Legend (and Sean's former teacher) Robert Dick imparts some wisdom and shreds some flutes on episode 19!

New York, New York

On Episode 18 we visited NYC and collaborated with one of @seanarawjo 's favorite musicians, Nellie McKay!

Coatesville, Pennsylvania

@ttccwy joined us for episode 16 and we captured so many diverse and beautiful sounds in this session!

We also recently did some more recording with illumine! Stay tuned for a better quality recording of Chimes Of The Golden House by @david.matthew.brown

Episodes 14 and 15 feature our good friends illumine and chronicle our largest collaboration to date! These ones include live performances of works that @seanarawjo @davetrum and @david.matthew.brown composed as well as pieces we all improvised together.

On a Very Special Episode 13, we feature @justinarawjo and make some very savage and some very delicate music!

@bradyandmillie of Sillyheart stopped by for episode 12 to collaborate and talk with us about the very tangible ways music has impacted her life!

@luketheduke_24 @levij91 and @zack.vanwhy of Middle Twin joined us for a fantastic full band experience on episode 11. We played some of Luke's music, new and old and created some more together!

Coatesville, Pennsylvania

Our guest for episode 10 was Alex Bortnichak of @eatingclubmusic and our theme was Music Without Rules!

Episode 9 featuring Alexander Bornstein was also recorded remotely but this time we improvised together via Skype and actually came away with some really amazing material to present! Alex is super talented and accomplished so it was ton of fun getting to play and chat with him and peeking into the world of composing for film!

On episode 8 we featured @mattwixson our first remote interview and our first ska guest (he will not be the last)! Matt's songs are stuck in my head alllll the time so it was amazing getting to collaborate with him on this one!

Coatesville, Pennsylvania

Singer-songwriter/guitarist Eliza of @elizaandtheorganix brought her unique brand of quirk to share with us on episode 7!

On episode 6 we featured one of Sean's earliest musical collaborator buddies @kyle_the_coach! We got outside our Classical box and made some blues and metal as well. Please note this flyer is from around 2002. Please don't show up to that address this may 31st hoping to see an OOT show!

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