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Real wild rice is nothing like the stuff you find in grocery stores or in countless Thanksgiving stuffing recipes every fall. Contributing editor @amyrosethielen takes us behind the scenes of the annual harvest on the lakes of northern Minnesota, where the Ojibwe tribe gather wild rice by canoe and dry it over fire. Get the true story of America's most misunderstood grain via the link in our bio. 📸: @ackermangruber

In Tokyo, great tempura can be found everywhere from train stations to Michelin-starred restaurants. While some chefs are still dedicated to the traditional techniques, others are focused on incorporating global flavors or unconventional drink pairings. Head to the link in our bio for @jessie_tttt's guide to the navigating the city's diverse terrain of tempura. 📸: @mattdreamsneon

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This ackee salad was one of our favorite bites at the Saveur Supper with @visitjamaica last week. While we've had Jamaica's national fruit with the classic salt fish, pairing the nutty yellow flesh with creamy avocado and juicy cherry tomatoes was a revelation. Swipe through to see the rest of @halfmoonjamaica chef Christ⁠opher Golding's menu, from shrimp patties with plantain aioli to jerk short ribs. 📸: Troi Williams /@a2i_creatives + @dj_costantino

Grilled cabbage replaces romaine in this summery take on the classic Caesar salad. The charred leaves are dressed with a citrusy anchovy vinaigrette, tossed with aged pecorino and garlicky bread crumbs, and topped with boquerones. Whether you serve the dish as a low-key main course or as a lavish side, this is cabbage worth celebrating. Tap the link in our bio for this week's The Way We Cook recipe adapted from chef @andrewcarmellini. 📝: @katcontrol 📸: @hellomydumpling

Potato starch is the most important ingredient in this Japanese fried chicken, or karaage. Coating the sake-and-mirin-marinated wings in it before frying yields an ultra-crispy exterior with an audible crunch. A final dusting of ground sansho pepper—similar to Sichuan peppercorns—brings the heat. Head to the link in our bio for the recipe. 📸: @nicole_franzen

The key to Key lime pie is combining the lip-puckering fruit with condensed milk. Surrounded by a buttery graham cracker crust and topped with a billow of freshly whipped cream, it makes for the dreamiest of summer desserts. Head to the link in our bio for the classic Floridian recipe. 📸: @miphoto

"Rundown" is a common dish throughout the Caribbean, but recipes differ: in Jamaica, it's a slow-cooked coconut custard. In this Nicaraguan version, it's more like a Creole bouillabaisse, a heady broth of spices and coconut milk simmered with the freshest seafood cooks can find when they "run down" to the fish market. Head to the link in our bio for the recipe. 📸: @behindthedawn

In the heart of China's Sichuan province, young bamboo shoots are the foundation of the region's favorite stir-fries. Here, they're cooked with garlic and ginger, and for a pop of color and sweetness, red bell pepper. Grab the recipe through the link in our bio. 📸: @hellomydumpling

Mastering Spain's famed tortilla española, a tender, lightly runny omelet filled with olive oil-poached potatoes, seems tricky—until you know the secrets. Learn how to perfect this iconic tapa via the link in our bio. 📝: @luiujujubeans 📸: @dj_costantino

With the abundance of summer squash comes endless possibilities, but one of our favorite ways to enjoy it ⁠is in this cast iron campfire casserole from Portland chef @eliascairo. Zucchini and yellow summer squash are charred over a fire and topped with fresh cheese, herbs, and breadcrumbs. A final bake in the coals gives the summer side a bronzed, crispy crust. It can also be done easily in an oven—and the results are equally delectable.⁠ Tap the link in our bio for the recipe. 📸: @kjphotos1022

This recipe for choripán, a signature street food sandwich of Argentina and other parts of South America, combines grilled, spicy chorizo sausages on a roll with chimichurri—a bright sauce of herbs, onion, oil, and vinegar. It's a crowd-pleaser that's just as fun to make at home as it is to eat on the streets of Buenos Aires, and we tackled the technique in our recipe column this week. Serve with an ice-cold beer for a meal that wins summer. Tap the link in our bio for the recipe. 📸@hellomydumpling

This Danish cucumber salad couldn't be easier—or more beautiful, thanks to the edible flowers on top. Start by salting the cucumbers heavily, then toss with lemon juice and fresh herbs. The bright, crunchy side dish makes an excellent foil for grilled or fried meats. Head to the link in our bio for the recipe. 📸: @chrisopandertonnesen

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