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The epitome of a typical Instagram user.

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if you can’t handle me at my and I oop and I oop, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my sksksk

"haven’t posted in a while, my horoscope told me I should take some time off to realign myself. you know how it is. anyway I just thought today was too beautiful🍷🛀🏻" 🍷

"hey all since mercury is in gatorade again i just wanted to vent a little bit because this year has been so hard for me in so many ways. it's been so insane but it has opened me up in incredible ways because now i kno who i can trust and who are the real 1's you know who you are ;))))) but anyways writing and sharing just helps so much and hopefully things will turn out for the better so we can turnip"

big shoutouts to return policies fr fr store credit is the move too it’s all for the aesthetic, put me in your vsco and tag me in that IG story 😤😤😤😤🙃😌😌😌😌

you just closed and opened Instagram for the third time in the span of two minutes. you’re still left on read last time you checked. there isn’t anything new on Twitter. and you can give Reddit a rest. come to @Clusterfest 2019, where people are likely to laugh with you and not directly at you. swipe for lineup, link in bio for tickets.

coffee: $8.50, art magazine: $15, time spent getting the shot right: 10 minutes, meaningful contribution to society: 0.

Alabama sucks so much that they’re trying to force people to be born there.

Ah- Aurora Borealis!? At this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country, localized entirely within your kitchen!?

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