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📸 Clothes obsessed content creator from London ☕️ Stays caffeinated 👇🏼 My latest YouTube video | The Copenhagen Diaries!

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Glints of Gold ✨

Nyhavn, København, Denmark

My Copenhagen vlog is up on my channel today if you want to come along with us! ♥️ This was one of my favourite parts of our little trip ☺️🇩🇰⛵️🌊 Link is in my bio

Being a happy tourist 🤓 | Tonight’s video is ‘MY WHOLE JEWELLERY COLLECTION’ - Trying on and chatting through everything! Did you like it? Would you like to see any other of my collections? ✨

Buzz Kaffebar

Hyggelig coffee shop decor 🇩🇰☕️🥯


As predicted, I love everything about Copenhagen ☺️♥️ And visiting this amazing country has reminded me how open-eyed and inspired I get every time I visit somewhere new. Once you’ve seen different ways of life, art, food, being (no matter how small) you can’t unsee that sh*t, and that’s why I love travelling with all of my being 🕊


Free little soul 🕊✨


Am I 30 today? Yes. Am I happy that I still get ID’d though? Yes. Is mum life as easy as it is pretending to look in this pic? No. Am I already applying for a visa so that I live in Copenhagen? Yes. Have I eaten enough cinnamon buns yet? A hard no. 😂🎂🥳✨🇩🇰

Ad | I’ve used a fair few AHA’s on my skin in the past (curse you dark spots) but now I’m on to PHA’s ✨ This is my golden after using the new @olehenriksen Phat Glow facial. PHA’S are a larger molecule which means less irritation and downtime than with intense AHA’s and personally I’m down with that 💁🏽‍♀️ The perfect product for others who suffer from hyperpigmentation too, I’ve been so excited to be one of the first to give this a try! Available at @bootsUK

Inspiration for something in the pipeline 👀🌟Oh and while I have you...send any Copenhagen recommendations my way!! 🙌🏽😁

Rise and shine ☕️ Our little fam are off on a weekend trip this morning! 👀🤭

Ad | so I’ve rediscovered the @bareMineralsuk Original Foundation for a cleaner substitute to my everyday foundation and I love the way it wears on the skin and leaves it so soft. It's so lightweight I can barely feel it. It’s also buildable so I can create that medium coverage I'm looking for, or build it up if I want to. I love to pair with my go-to timeless red lip for glowing skin with a pop of colour.

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