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Sally Borden Connect offers online & in-person tutoring, writing help, & support for exec functions. We support dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia.

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New school year around the corner!

It’s so important to develop a love of stories for dyslexic children. It creates positive associations with reading early to counter frustrations faced with decoding later on.

‪In need of online or in-person summer support? We are here to help!

Reading & writing may be hard but designing and building a lean-to is a piece of cake!

Support students who struggle with writing by using pictures that help create imagery in the student’s mind. Brainstorm details to describe the pictures and weave those into writing.

Do you have a struggling reader? It’s crucial to read aloud to them often so they can develop a love for stories and make healthy, positive associations with reading. Curling up with someone we love while they read to us is a gift. Give it often!

Sally Borden Connect reaches students in need anywhere in the world including high school, college, and adult students.

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What can you create with 100 cups? Loving these Sally Borden students’ creativity!

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If you haven’t heard about the film Angst, check it out! It’s a documentary intended to bring awareness to anxiety. It’s very well done!

. Take action and support the RISE Act which would support college students who need learning accommodations.

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Sally Borden learners work on subitizing numbers since they can lack mental imagery of numbers. We can help learners with math - reach out for Sally Borden help in person or online!

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Developing numeracy with Sally Borden Students involves working from the concrete —> pictorial —> abstract. Teach math concepts to mastery!

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Fluency is a critical part of being a successful reader. Sally Borden students and tutees work diligently at this skill!

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